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Featured varieties

Excellent varieties are the foundation of feeding high quality broilers. The stylus and thin bones should be selected, the muscle is full, the meat is delicious, the anti-counterpart, the small and medium-sized colored feathers, according to the local feeding habits and market consumption needs, breeding the fine broiler species suitable for local raising .

Focus on grazing

Grazing is one of the important measures to improve the meat of broilers. The quality of the bruises in high-quality stock chickens requires no vast ranks of fast large broilers, and transferred to greenhouses in 30 days in the breeding room. Generally, 30 days old, spring and autumn 45 days old, winter 50 days ~ 60 days of age begins to graze. Potating chicken venue is selected in terms of high terrain, avoiding the sun, quiet, drinking water, non-polluting, bamboo garden, orchard, tea garden, mandala, etc., etc. Chickens can only eat the pests and weeds in the above “four gardens”, and can also take fertilization for “four gardens”. Place the pasture can be placed in a sand, let the chicken sand bath. It is also necessary to build rain, shade, cold straw or plastic greenhouse. When grazing, the broiler should be late, the grazing density is 50 ~ 70 / mu, and the size of each group is about 500. In order to prevent chickens from disappear or harm the nearby crops, the pasture can set the fence, and stock it to the sale. Veterinary drug network

Qi feed

Feed is an important factor affecting the mever of chicken. The high-quality earth chicken should be feeding the full price of ease of digestion and nutrition. Because of the slow growth rate, the crude protein content in the feed is lower than the full price of the fast-scale meat chicken, and a small amount of meals is done to promote the growth and development of chicks. Breeding, grazing is more feeding, agricultural and sideline products, soil grains, to improve the meat, reduce feed costs, generally only return to feed. 1 week to 2 weeks before the sale, such as the chicken body is thin, can increase the amount of feed to feed, limit grazing, and perform moderate fertilization.
Strict epidemic prevention

Do a good job in epidemic prevention is an important guarantee for raising high quality stocking. Under normal circumstances, the pumping of the solar chicken is strong, and there are fewer sickness of the large meat chicken. However, due to their long-term, plus the opportunity to grave to the field, they must seriously do health, disinfection and epidemic prevention work, must be strictly done according to the chicken, and must not be loose. In addition, pay special attention to the prevention and treatment of coccidial disease, Cardide white lestese disease and digestive tract parasite disease, often inspected, onceBorn, timely driven. In the middle of the broiler, prevention and treatment of diseases do not need to be used as possible to synthesize drugs, multi-use Chinese medicine and biological prevention, to reduce and control the drug residue in chicken.

Purpose sale

Suitable feeding period is an important part of improving the meat quality of the chicken. The feeding period is too short, the moisture content in chicken is not enough, the amount of nutrients is not enough, the amount of fresh flavors is small, the meat is not good, the taste is not fresh, the standard of high-quality earth chicken; the feeding period is too long, the muscle fiber is too old The cost of feeding is too large, not cost-effective. According to the accumulation of the growth and physiological and nutrient ingredients of the earth chicken, and the rooster growth is fast than the hen, the sexual maturation is the characteristics of the child, and the small broilers are listed for 100 days, and the hen is 120 days. Listed.

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