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Poultry virus influenza, referred to as “avian influenza”, also known as “true chicken fever”, “European chicken fever”, is a highly reactive infectious disease caused by A-influenza virus. Avian flu can be divided into highly pathogenic avian influenza and low pathogenic avian flu. After serious hazardous poultry, birds are infected with avian influenza, generally 3 to 5 days, the incidence and mortality are high, up to 100%, resulting in huge economic losses to the poultry industry. At the same time, after the avian influenza virus has been varied, some viruses can be transmitted to people. After people infecting avian flu, the disease is on, and the mortality rate is as high as 50%, which gives a serious threat to people.

The poultry is infected with bird flu, the feed consumption is reduced, the feed consumption is reduced, thin, the hen is enhanced, the output of eggs decreases; the head and face edema, the nerve disorder, and diarrhea may occur. Some of the sick legs are red, and the nasal separability is increased, the breathing is extremely difficult, and the head, severe suffocation and death. Veterinary drug agent

The poultry should close the chicken farm, lock the chicken house, only allow for the feeding personnel and the necessary inner management personnel to enter and leave the chicken house, chicken farm; Dealer, its vehicles and cages must be kept clean, and parking outside the field, not allowing the chicken baskets to bring the chicken baskets into the chicken house, and can not bring the chicken with other chicken farms into the field. Thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting chicken equipment and utensils, can not use chicken equipment used in the field. Blood samples were collected regularly, do a good job of epidemic monitoring, discovered abnormal epidemic, and reported to the animal epidemic prevention department.
Meat ducks should be far from residential district, the market, transportation, and other animal production places and related facilities. Do not introduce seeds and breed ducks from the epidemic area, and strict disinfection should be strictly disinfected to the environment, hatching halls, incubator, duck house equipment and utensils, staff, and shoes. Take the “full-time” feeding mode and put an end to poultry who raises other varieties in the meat duck. In the farm, the channels for staff should be set out of the staff, and the staff should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. It is strictly forbidden to enter or visit the breeding zone. The meat duck field should establish a strict epidemic prevention system, which is strictly disinfected on the audience in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention disease. Strictly follow the immunization procedure on time on duck groups on a poultry vaccine, and the vaccine should be carried out under the guidance of local veterinary health management departments under the guidance of local veterinary health management departments.Serological monitoring regularly to ensure that the vaccine is really reliable.

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