Breeding secrets – difficult to raise chicken does not make money

Successful breeding is very simple, management and ventilation is two magic treasures in the success of farming. Secondly, immunity and preventive medications, once again the treatment and management during the disease, etc., which mentioned management, visible feeding management in breeding Importance, walking every day in a variety of farms, see all kinds of chicken houses. Advanced, backward, scale, completely closed, semi-closed, natural ventilation, etc. A few years of market is low to rise, some people have been making money, and some people are like this kind of good market, and there is no money to make money. Some even lose money. After clinical experience, the following reasons:

1. The quality of the chicken is directly determined that the fate of the chicken, the temperature and the environment and the ventilation of the chicken have determined the success or failure of the chicken. There is also the prevention of adenomacearmia, which is equal to half.

2, don’t worry about the high and low, making money is king. It is often a selling medicine to consider that you are selling medicine, you said that it is for sale to the farmers. Wrong, big mistake! Your own calculations, in the cost of breeding, how much the drug fees, there are many times in order to save the drug fees, and finally drag the chicken out of the mix. In order to save a medication fee, choose a cheap drug, then a course of treatment, come back a course, the result is a lot of money, and the chicken has missed the best Zhilia period.

3, the cultured density is small, 10,000 of the chickens, only 8000, the breeding density is large, the root cause of the disease, is one of the main reasons for the low feed conversion rate.

4, do not always pay only the temperature, do not pay attention to humidity. Dry chicken houses are prone to lung disease, such as pneumonia, lung and so on. But the hot chicken house is prone to gastrointestinal diseases and spleen and stomach weakness. So according to the environment of the chicken house, the environment of the chicken house.
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5, when the sun is rising every morning, it is feeding. Before the feeding, you carefully observe the mental state of the chicken. Mental status includes: respiratory tract, feeding, feathers, eyes, mental state, etc., found badPhenomenon, in time to use traditional Chinese medicine oral fluid zhiliao. The disease found in this stage is basically the organ functional lesion, and the oral liquid effect of traditional Chinese medicine can be maximized. 6, after 10 o’clock a day, the eating of the chicken is over, carefully observes the changes in feces and feed. Decal dry and wetness, color change, size change, etc. Changes in feces and feeding are the main indications for measuring the health or onset of chickens, and is the precursor of the disease.

7, weighing is particularly important for the feeding of the egg chicken and broilers. The weight gain speed, uniformity is an important indicator of the health and feed nutrition of chicken.
8, with more traditional Chinese medicine oral fluid, enhance the disease resistance of the body. Pre-protected body fluid immunization, including slices such as thymus, Fa’s NANG, spleen and other organs.

9 Chicken is hairstically Zhiliao, you will never succeed.

10, don’t trust the function of the vaccine, don’t believe that the vaccine is used, the chicken group is not onset. Chicken is healthy or relying on your constant improvement of feeding management, carefully raising.

11, distinguish between colds and flu, this must be thought about when this chicken is. I didn’t even understand this, I suggest you don’t want to eat chicken. Even if nourishing is not successful. Don’t expect to use a flu vaccine to prevent flu, this idea is very naive, national promotion is unrelated to you. Chinese medicine oral liquids and feeding management are something that prevents flu zui reliable.

12. The most worry about our breeding broilers is the late sick, not only the cost of Zhiliao is high, but also the success of Zhiliao’s success is also low. Therefore, everyone will pay more attention to observation, especially in the feed volume and drinking water, you must grasp, if your chicken does not increase or increase, this time you have to find the reason, don’t wait until the chicken When there is obvious symptom, go to zhiliao, and have missed the best treatment opportunity, remember! Remember!

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