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1 Scientific resignation and reasonable use of the public cavity for improving the economic benefits of raising the Arctic fox, and retreats to the public cava and reasonably use the public blog. It is important to fish. From the perspective of genetics, Gongwu played a key role in genital genetic. 518 Farming Technology Network Tip: The excellent quality of the public cavity can change the quality of the mother, which can make the quality of the posterity of the boy fox more important from the improvement of fur quality, or improve the production performance of the fox group. of.
The retention requirements of the general kinds of public caves are: the variety is pure, the pedigree is clear, the fur quality is multiplied, the fence is strong, and the reproductiveness of the parents is high. The individual’s sexual desire is strong, the semen is good, the breeding ability is strong, and the physical strength recovery after breeding is easy to breed. It has strong disease resistance. It has no evilness and the offspring. The overall production performance is good.
In the utilization of public cava, we must understand the physiological characteristics of each public blog. According to the nature and libido of every public blog, the scientific placing and breeding plan is developed, and the quality of physical fitness is strong. Gonghu, you can prioritize the breeding, as long as these male cavity is good, even consider the use of the use of breeding. Generally in a variety period, a branch of Gonghu can be breed by about 10 to 15 times. Every day, each male fox is multi-breeding 2 times, and each continuous breeding 3D should rest 1D, in order to improve the utilization of excellent public cava, Consider the use of artificial insemination.

2 Prepare for the preparation before the breeding of foxes, each year from the beginning of the year of the Arctic fox, the initial production of female fox can be extended to April, because Mother Fox is only in the year An estrus, and the time to accept the breeding is just 3 ~ 4d, so do a good job in the preparations before breeding, it is the key to raising the fox and increase the number of foxes.
2. The adjustment of the Arctic Fox Fox is adjusted to entertaine the normally entering the estrus and mating success, and the public flist must have a good physical condition. The following work should be done according to the nutrition in various phases of foxs and the development of sexual organs.
In January to February before the arrival of the mother-in-law, the first thing to ensure the nutritional needs and normal physiological development needs of the fox, on this basis, but also to ensure the development or normal of the foxer organ. Sexual physiology. In the supply of diet, animal feed should be increased, and the dry powder is mixed with feed, and animal feed for breeding Mother fox should not be less than 30%. GuaranteeThe week is full daily and have a certain amount of activity. When entering February, the fox should have a good physical condition. Only the nutritional status is good, in order to ensure that the fox is concentrated in estrus, only more concentrated estrus, it is easy to concentrate, thus increasing the rate of recycling rates and the price. At this time, the diet is supplied, and the animal feed is mainly, the proportion is still not less than 30%. And to feed some carrots and eggs to promote the improvement of performance. Although this stage should be added to the fox, but you can never feed the mother’s fox, the mother’s weight is 5.5 ~ 6.0kg is suitable, the public cava is 6.5 ~ 7.0kg. At this point, it is necessary to keep a certain amount of exercise and perform an also timing, which can increase the amount of exercise and improve the sexual activity of fox, which is an important job before breeding.
For individual fox, this time is an important moment before estrus and breeding. Don’t reduce the cost of feeding, you can only feed some corn, and monotonous feed cannot guarantee normal enterprises. Emostay.
2.2 Excellent species of the phlegm of the Testicular Situation of the Philoxone of the Glox After enterprising maturity, or during the breeding period, the two testicles should be developed into a foreign view, such as the size of the pove egg, relaxed , The left and right symmetry, with the hand touch is good. If the two testicular development is too small, it should be corrected in a timely manner or absence or external view. If you strengthen nutrition, the public can’t adjust it will be eliminated, you can’t use it to make a breeding. For everything is normal, it should be added to the animal liver, eggs, carrots, etc. to enhance its sexual desire, improve the quality of semen, if necessary, should be a comprehensive examination of the quality of the semen, thereby increasing and expanding Utilization of good kinds of public cava.
2. Observer to observe the change of the mysterious time of the female fox’s germanity of the female fox generally only about 10 days, in this short time, only paying attention to the vast vast change of the vulva, the mysterious time may be . To place a timely placement, improve the matching rate of Mother Fox.
The yinhouse of the female fox in the early days gradually started swollen revealed, out of shape, the mother fox action is abnormal, I like to move in the cage, four outsight, interested in the opposite sex, frequent urination, etc. For the trial, Mother Fox is only the performance of public cava, but also refuses to climb the requirements, this will last aroundtime. If the mother fox is swollen, the clitoroid color is gradually turning into pink, and the yin gates becomes a y type and accompanied by a large number of transparent filamentous mucus. It is seen that there is a little blood-like mucus attached to the swelling labia. At this time, the appearance of the mother fox is extremely uneasy, refused, and often issues “” “. At this time, it is considered that the mysterious period of the female fox, this is the most suitable placement moment. At this point, Mother Fox can be quiet and accepted. Emoticity is only 1 ~ 3d, so do not lose this opportunity.
2.4 Mastering the sexual behavior of a good kind of fox’s festival is in the middle of the fox in January, and the estrus is started to check. It is necessary to check once to enter the estrus. The main observation content 1 appetite , Food changes. 2 Foxs are quiet in the cage, follow up the situation, and look forward to the situation. 8 The degree of interest of the opposite sex, I like it or excluded, whether I have a call. 4 Changes in positions and urination, estrus foxs have lifted their legs and lasting movements, and often do the fork-legged, estrus fragrance, sometimes no urine, also doing urinary urination.
2.5 Do a good job in adjusting the breeding of Arctic foxes, generally adopting scientific artificial trial. In order to grasp the breeding characteristics of each public blog, there must be reasonable placement arrangements, which is especially important for the initial public cavity.
There is a blending experience of public cava and maternity fox, which is not strong, and it is necessary to make a good arrangement, requiring Gonghu’s fur quality and body type, and the fertility is better than that of Mother Fox. When breeding, we must try to reproduce. But for young public cava (initiator), we must do a good job in trial matching. For those who are opposed to each other, they can even cause the bite, and they must call up the other to choose place, until each one Accept the other party, close to each other, playing tongue and reaching a movement in ten minutes. In short, it is best to choose the branch of the branches, and the female fox has been fused. It is best to use the branches that have participated in the breeding. This can improve the success rate of the initiative.
3 Select the best time to put the breeding When confirming that the mother fox is remarkable, it is necessary to choose the right public cava to play, especially in the outside environmental conditions, there is small snow and scraped the northeast wind or northwest wind. The temperature is at ~ 5 ~ -10 ° C to catch the time for Emotional Mother Fox.
Since the Arctic fox is a spontaneous ovulation animal, it is generally ovulation in the afternoon after estrus or morning. Therefore, in time during ovulation, it can be greatly improved to increase the rate of recovery. Generally, the placement time should be arranged at 6:00 to 9:00 am, it is advisable to put the mother’s fox in the public cake in the afternoon, in the afternoon. Half an hour, as long as the male fox is suitable, the mother fox will warm the public cava climb on the back, the two front limbs of the public cava hug the mother’s waist, brewing for a while, the public cavity has a tail root jitter ejaculation action Generally, the time is around 1h.
518 Farming Technology Network reminds farmers: When the first place is to reach a completion, it should be compounded on the second day or for 34 days, and the number of complexes can be due to public voxes. Decisive, conditional feeders should replace the public cava when preparing, do not have to be detained on a public blog, the key is to replace and use the public cavity of the economic performance and strong reproduction of the mother-in-law, in order to improve the voyage quality. For the publicmother fox who completed mating, it is necessary to separate in time, and give fox awards milk, fresh liver and other foods. At the same time, do work in a variety record and expected date of delivery.

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