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1. Develop the breeding indicators of the cattle group
518 Farm Information Network News: Preparation of a reproduction plan, first determine the propagation indicator. The most ideal reproductive rate should reach 100%, the calving interval is 12 months, but this is not easy to do. Therefore, the reproductive rate in the actual production is not less than 85%, and the calf is no more than 13 months.
Commonly used measures indexes are: annual total subject rate ≥ 85%, calculation formula: total year-old residential rate = year by fetal fetal cow head number / year with a cow head number × 100% year-in-life rate ≥ 50% , Calculation formula: Netty-year-old childhood / annual virginity / annual product time × 100% annual average fetal spacing ≤ 400 days, calculation formula: annual average fetal running = σ Tire spacing / head for several years Reproductive rate ≤ 85%, calculation formula: annual reproductive rate = annual yak cow / annual cow number × 100%
2. Develop breeding, breeding plan
518 farming information network News: Breeding is The hub of each link is contacted in the production of cows. The relationship between breeding and milk is extremely close. In order to increase the income of milk income and proliferation of yak, it is necessary to do a good reproduction plan. The bullion breeding plan is a measures to breed and childbirth based on expected requirements, and it is also an important basis for preparing the cattle group turnover plan.
Preparing a breeding childbirth plan, it cannot be exited from natural production law. How much extravagance is given by the decline of breeding; and should be based on the production law of the cattle group and the economic requirements, and the selection option is made, according to the beginning of breeding age, Conditions such as pregnancy, calving interval, production direction, production tasks, feed supply, workstation equipment, and feeding management levels, determining a large number of breeding time and header of cattle only, in order to prepare a breeding childbirth plan.
The breeding characteristics of the cow is the annual distributed mating and childbirth, and the seasonal characteristics are not obvious. The so-called controlling calving is to arrange the cow’s childbirth time to the most suitable milk season, which is conducive to improving production performance. (518 farming technology network)

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