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Experience in buying cattle
Show refers to the first time to buy cattle when buying cows, hybrid cattle and shelf cows, mainly pay attention to the following points:

1. Look at the variety. Through the appearance first determines the variety of cattle to be purchased, the local variety is generally individual, the bones are smaller, and the hybrid cattle skeleton (especially the limbs) is thick. One-year-old hybrid one-generation cattle compared with the local peers, individuals should be 40% to 50%, weight can reach 400 kg to 450 kg, hybrid two generations or ternary hybrid cattle is even greater. 2, look at mental conditions. Healthy cattle mentality is good, the eyes have God, the glory is smooth; the bulls have strong hopper, the bulls and cows are close to strangers, and they are panicked, enemy, not calm, tail, etc.; Then express the spirit of spirituality, being smashed, sluggish, quiet, no tail. 3, the viewing table. Healthy nose mirror moist, mouth nose has no contrast, nipples are no big; the cow is dry, and the nasal nasal has a secretion of the nose, and the nipple is swollen or the same. 4, see teeth. Determine the age of the cattle according to different changes in the teeth. Regardless of whether the ox or bovine age is: no longer teeth, age is under 2 years of age; there are 1 for permanent teeth of 2 years old ~ 2.5 years old (commonly known as pair); there are 2 pairs of permanent teeth aged 3 years ~ 3.5 Body (commonly known as four toada); 3 pairs of permanent teeth is 4 years old ~ 4.5 years old (commonly known as six tooth); there are 4 pairs of permanent teeth of 5 years to 5.5 years or more (commonly known as octave or new). 5, look size. The capable producer is good, and the pelvic is large. The nipple is better (with the nipple is the soish and red to the best, white poor), with a good hang, it is best not to choose the cutter hoof The cow is a buffer; hybrid cattle shelf cattle requires a large body, the limbs are thick, the neck, the waist and the buttocks are basically the best (commonly known as the three cow). Touch 1, touches the touch of cattle body table part of the cattle in the purchase of cows, hybrid cattle and shelf cattle. 2, healthy cattle touches the foreshore, buttocks muscle and the left abdomen have strong rebound.
3, such as the left abdomen rebound, no return force,Note The cattle appears back or rancase.
4, such as the left abdomen of the cattle, the nasal flowing out of the oral, indicating that the cattle has been irrilled.
5, such as touching the foreshine or buttocks muscles, there is no weakness or non-return force, indicating that the cow has been injected under the skin and should be cautious.
Try to fell ~~ Test fed refers to testing the cattle to use the right amount of green grass to test, observe the food of the cattle, healthy and sustainable, and the ruminant is obvious However, there is a low appetite or abolish, and it should be cautious. Take it ~~ Talking means that it is difficult to walk or turn around with a rope with a cow. Healthy cattle walks and self-contained, and then, it should be slow, difficult or can’t walk, should be cautious.

waist ~~ Hai waist refers to the force of the purchase of bovine waist. Healthy cattle response is agile, painful; disease cattle is slow, painful or not, should be cautious.

Understand ~~ 60-day adaptation period, avoiding stress response, stress response syndrome

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