Can cats eat fruit?

timg.jpg Recently, the cat loved to eat fruit. After a day, I got home and found that the apple on the coffee table has been taken half of the cat, and the pears also bite a few mouthfuls. Due to the initial feeding of cats, I don’t know if the cat can eat fruit, so I specially consulted some friends to search for some relevant information. Simply put, the cat can eat fruit, but only the fruit of the fruit can eat.

The cat has its own unique taste and preference, some fruits they like to eat, and some fruits don’t like to eat. Some fruits can have a lot of food to the cat’s body, but some fruits can only eat less.

In general, cats should also be taken to treat fruit, and master certain principles and techniques. For example, the cat is stomach weak, it is best not to feed fruit, avoid causing diarrhea; and likes to eat fruit, the owner must control the fruits of feeding sugar, avoiding the obesity of cats disease.

Cat eats fruit and needs to master the right time. For example, parents can’t let the cats develop a habit of eating fruit. Feeding the cat can choose to have a leisure time in the afternoon after the diet. The best cost of eating fruit should be that the cat is ok, 30 minutes to 1 small time is ok.

Each time, feeding fruits, parents should control at the appropriate components. Never let it be eating the sea from the taste of the cat. In addition, the variety of fruits prepared can also be appropriately diversified, and do not limit one one. I don’t have to prepare for the cat to eat fruit, and parents can prepare for a few days.

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