Can cats eat ham?

timg (1).jpg Many parents like to eat ham sausage because cats like to eat ham, and they will give some cats a little, in fact, many shovel doctors have done such things, but I have seen this article hopes that you have a cat master. I have to pay attention!

Cat parents should take a low-salted cat food for the cat’s staple food, don’t give the cat to eat food, especially taboo to eat ham sausage, don’t be dinner When the cat should look at you, you will give the cat and eat it. If you want, people eat food is so salty for cats. Family having no condition feeding cat food, when making cat rice, do not put salt and other condiments to ensure the health of the cat.

The cat’s demand for salt is extremely demand, and the taste of the cat is poor. If you don’t pay attention in your diet, you often don’t know how much salt is not known, excessive saltingation will cause cats. The burden of the kidney will also cause the cat hair dry, and the hair is equal.

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