Can cats eat raw fish?

QQ截图20201124090854.jpg Some parents who earn cats directly to eat fish raw meat in order to save people, and I feel that cats also like to eat. In fact, this is wrong, and cats eat without cooked fish will lack vitamin B1, and Cat lacks vitamin B1 may lead to spasm, heart disease, intermittent shock, will bring unnecessary parasites to cats.

If you want to raise a cat, in addition to the renovation of the gynotyles or pet stores, another way is to raise cats, how can I choose healthy and purebred in a pet store? Cats, in order to ensure their normal life and health, they must care for them. This kind of care should form a living habit of the cat owner.

First, eat without cooked fish will make the cat lack vitamin B1, because the fish will produce a enzyme to destroy vitamin B1, and the cat lacks vitamin B1 may lead to spasm, heart disease, intermittent Sexual shock.

Second, it will bring unnecessary parasites to the cat, thus bringing trouble with your cat life. The Agricultural University Animal Hospital has admitted to the cats of liver disease. Liver disease will also lead to liver forested water, and kidney disease, and these are absolutely called the temple.

In addition, things to do every six months: use drugs to perform injective insects. Everything I have to do every year: Please veterinarians to epidemic prevention of cats, while performing a more comprehensive physical examination.

Finally, buying pets will go to the pet store, but often hear the pet owner complaints, the pet that just bought is not sick and even die. This gives the pet friend not only money, there is also feelings. Before purchasing pets, you can ask the clerk to take the pet together to the veterinary clinic. It is best not to buy the pets sold by street hawkers, and these pets are not guaranteed by the health of these pets!

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