Can dogs can eat people?

timg.jpg Does your dog eat people who eat people? Is it eating every day, or occasionally eat, or don’t eat it at all?

Dogs a little leftovers and The leftovers are not eating is the best, and occasionally eat is not big, but if your dog eats leftovers and leftovers, then I will advise you to change the diet. The dogs and leftovers to eat people are a shortcomings!

People eat the salt content in the meal

Everyone knows the dog Dogs can’t eat more salt, people eat, food, according to human taste, leftovers and food, there is a salt of too many dogs, giving dogs, will cause dog dogs Punish hair and so on.

Dog only eats leftovers and leftovers, nutrition will be unbearable, easy to get sick

In addition to eating vegetables, a lot of things are also eating a lot, such as fruit, snacks, Drinking many different drinks, etc., the nutrients you get from the dinner are very limited, and these things help us add other nutrients. And the dog is different, and every day, there is almost no other thing outside of eating, drinking water is just drinking white water, so if you let the dog eat the leftovers leftovers, it is possible to sick because of nutrients are not balanced. Nutrition is malnutriable, it may cause the dog to excessively obese.

The leftovers or leaves are broken, which will cause the gantastic problems of dogs

When the dog eats, it will not chew slowly, especially one Hungry dog, if the food is getting angry, it will not hesitate to eat light. The leftovers of the dog eat overnight will be prone to this problem, especially in the summer, food is easily deteriorated, and the dog eats the metamorphic food. It will cause gastroenteritis. When you are serious, you will also be poisoned and even died.

Eating leftovers, is unfavorable to the dog’s teeth

Hard dog food is good for dog teeth, this is what I have said. The leftovers are very soft, and the dog eats in the process of the dog, it is impossible to rub the surface of the tooth surface, and a large number of food residue will remain on the surface of the dog, form a tooth, dangerous tooth health.

So, always, if you love dog, don’tFor a long time, I only give dogs and leftovers and leftovers. The most healthy foods of dogs are still dog food, especially dog ​​dry food, and dogs for different situations, different types of dog food can choose, not only nutrition, but also Teeth are good. Still give dog food !!

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