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Some people say that dogs don’t have to eat salt, this is a wrong point of view. Salt is an essential substance that maintains animal life activities. Salt can maintain the balance of electrolyte in animal machines, but not only salt containing sodium chloride, a small amount of iodine, calcium and trace elements, but the salt can also have a slight stimulation of gastrointestinal mucosa, which has the effect of increasing gastric acid secretion and strengthening digestion. . If the deficiencies in the dog can cause lack of digestive liquid, the gastric acid concentration is reduced, resulting in fatigue, imaginary, loss of appetite, and neurological dysfunction. Of course, feeding the salt is not more, better, but to be appropriate, because there will be problems in the canine salt, but the salt will not only lead to a large amount of drinking water, causing a disease, nephritis and hypertension. Under normal circumstances, the salt components required for dogs are about one-fifth of the need for people. Trial

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