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The dried wine is a footprint of wine, and its crude protein content is high. At the same time, there is also a variety of trace elements, vitamins, yeast, etc., wherein lysine, methionine and tryptophan are also higher, and it is very suitable and easy to digest. I. Advantages of filling cattle: 1. Farming, good cow, especially like to eat fermented products, while the wine in wine industry has been fermented by products, fragrance. 2, the gains fast nutritional value high alcoholic protein content is high, can reach 18% -25% level, higher than the needs of cattle. 3, cost low Chinese like to drink, white wine and beer are widely produced, the winery is widely distributed, and the wine can be directly taken directly, the cost is very low. 4, facilitates the ingredients of the wine, after the cow eats, just like drinking wine, gaining, do not love activities, gaining fast. Second, the disadvantage of feeding the cattle: From the perspective of nutrition balance, the wine is not a nutritional balance, the protein content is high, the energy is low, and the increase in the growth of cattle is affected. The phosphorus content of dried wine is relatively high, but the content of calcium is low; the water-soluble vitamin content is high and the fat-soluble vitamin is low; there is a trace element, mineral lack and imbalance, when doing the material, it should be added to add fine material supplements . The alcoholic water is high, the temperature is high in summer, it is very easy to syringe, and the acidity is large, and a certain amount of baking soda should be added. There are a lot of wine, breeding, breeding friends should be reasonably utilized, better use of wine this kind of vibrant feeding!

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