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Can the circulating water breeding can invest in? This is also one of the problems we have asked by customers since the circulating water breeding industry. These customers want to invest across industry, or traditional farmers will pay attention to circulating water breeding because of some reason. The former is generally construction, mine machinery, chemical, printing and dyeing and even real estate, not in a small number, which reflects a lot of industries that are overcapacity is looking for sustainable new business opportunities, while the aquaculture industry is more highly mechanized. The poultry industry is still a blue sea.
This problem has actually contains two layers, one is whether circulating water breeding technology matures? The other is whether this kind of breeding mode makes money?
For the first thing, whether the circulating water breeding technology is mature, I will answer several numbers. One is the concept of circulating water farming, in the 1950s, in the 1950s, it was started to be used in the 1970s, and a group of scholars introduced China and tried it early in the 1980s. Due to the backwardness of the supporting hardware facilities, it is not possible to continue. After entering 2000, the circulating water culture gradually flowers everywhere with a variety of equipment and the decline in electricity costs. Industrial demand has promoted technical progress, and the improvement of technology has stimulated industrial upgrading. The second, France’s inland farming is all circulating water, including seedlings and developments. 70% of Spain and Portugal is achieved in circulating water. Norwegian Atlantic salmon, the freshwater period is carried out in the circulating water, and due to the unique fjord conditions in Norway, most of the Taxi, the Norwegian government is launched in order to protect the close-sea environment. The national plan on the top of the Internet box, with a 20% incrementation of each year, planned to transfer most of the cages to the shore in 5 years, and become a pure circulating water culture. China is currently successfully applied to circulatory water farming, most concentrated in Tianjin, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian and other places. The breeding variety is also rich and diverse.
Therefore, this technology should be obvious regardless of the technical maturity or market maturity.
Answer the second question. Can the circulating water breeding make money? First of all, it is clear that a premise, the circulating water farming is first invested! Any investment will have a risk, and the aquaculture is a high-risk investment, so it is necessary to invest in aquaculture industry.
Since it is a roost, very core two issues, one is usedWhat to raise? That is, how is the breeding mode? Fine breeding management. The breeding model includes a cultured technique and means. What is the cultivation management talk about how to coordinate, mobilize people, things, and water, let people do their best, and they do their best. Nothing to breeding technology, the development of the aquaculture industry, the technology must be mature enough to support this industry, and the means (circulating water farming) has also said. But one thing is the problem that most people intentionally or unintentionally, is the breeding management. A farming three-point technology, seven-point management, technical means can not manage, can only make management more quantitative and programmed, reduce human unfavorable factors, but also put forward new requirements for management. It is therefore as it is talking about the new technological means of investment, but it is better to invest in new production and management philosophy. So don’t entangle it on the breeding system, but pay more attention to management.
There are also many cases of failure of circulating water farming. The survival rate of the fish is too low or the whole army is not covered. Only less than 10% is the reason why the system itself is, and the remaining 90% are all caused by improper management and operational mistakes. It is still a person in the end.
When you have enough energy to manage the breeding, there is a good management system, you have a certain understanding of the management of water production. Under the conditions of funds, please join the aquatic industry.
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