Can the cat’s beard can be cut?

u=2893399216,1118117836&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Many people who earn cats know that the cat’s beard cannot be cut, but most people just know this statement, but what is the specific?

Cat’s beard is a cat A special sensory organ. The roots of the cat beard have a very fine nerve, which can be perceived slightly. So some people compare it to the tentacles of snails, have radar. When the cat walks on the dark or narrow road, it will slightly pushed the beard slightly to detect a wide narrow path of the road, which is easy to accurately. Some people think that the cat beard in the dark is to identify and sense the object as a change in the air in the air, as a supplement to visual sensory. This means that the beard is an extremely important haptic organ. Therefore, family cat shouldery should be careful not to let the child deliberately cut the beard, which will greatly affect the judgment of cat activities. In addition, when the cat beard itself has a broken phenomenon, it is best to remove it to promote the growth of new beards, and the broken beard is not used by the cat.

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