Can the dog bath can use people’s body bath?

u=1391158412,1680157475&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Some people think that they use shampoo, shower gels are good brands, very expensive, even people’s hair and skin can be washed, cat dogs are used to take a bath and definitely brighter, more smooth, so It is natural to let the baby use his own wash. However, the hair and skin of the cat are getting worse! Falling, dandruff, skin red, allergy, 瘩. …..

Human shampoo, shower gel gives cat dog bathing consequences:

1, the hair is serious.

    2, the skin is sensitive, it is easy to be infected with fungi, parasites.

  • 3, the spotted phenomenon, a piece of hair, revealing the skin.
  • 4, the dandruff is serious, especially black, pet, dandruff.

  • 5, the cat dog flex skin frequency, even caught the skin.
  • Why can’t I use people’s shampoos and shower gels to take a shower?

  • 1, the skin acid is different

The skin of the human skin is different, and the skin of the cat is weakly alkaline (the pH is about 7.5), and the human skin is weakly acidic (female skin pH is about 5.5, male skin The pH is about 6.5). The design of the bath is neutralized with the degree of acid and alkali of the skin, and is generally deployed for people to design the bath or shampoo, can be neutralized with the human skin value. The weakly alkaline skin of the cat is equally alkaline shampoo, not only cannot neutralize, but will wash away the oil on the surface of the skin, causing a series of problems such as dryness, itching, allergy, dandruff, and reduces the skin. Immunization, so that the skin is fragile, thus causing skin diseases. 2, the difference in skin construction

The human skin structure and the dog’s skin structure are also completely different. Although the cat is protecting, the skin structure is to be is smaller than our human being fragile, thin, and the organizational structure is single and easy to damage. Improper toiletries, it is easy to hurt the skin, causing skin easily allergies, itching, drying, etc., cat dogs are not suitable, making the skin more fragile, the pathogen is easily invaded, resulting in various skindisease.

3, the difference in metabolism

From the cycle of metabolism, people are 28 days, and dogs are 21 days. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the cycle of metabolism to the dog, and the long-term use of alkaline toiletries will cause skin allergies and destroy the long cycle of hair.

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