Can the dog can’t sleep with the shovel?

src=http___5b0988e595225.cdn.sohucs.com_images_20171124_b228e49bdda24304a9686f7af87c9edc.jpeg&refer=http___5b0988e595225.cdn.sohucs.jpg I always hear someone else to sleep with the dog, let the dog go to bed is unharitage, and there will be parasites, bacteria, etc., but there is no one can say something, what is insects? What kind of bacteria is not preventive, is it to be transmitted to people?

About sleeping with the dog with a bed, its main argument is that the dog’s bed will not reduce its service, Not unclear your own position.

The conclusion of medical research is that the dog is not found with the dog, such as the infectious disease of the people – Escherichia coli, the experts have shown that E. coli is spread between people Although this will spread between the dog, E. coli has no effect on people’s dogs.

Only almost coli will variably, and varies from E. coli with antibiotics, and the human body is more likely to produce drug-resistant bacteria, then spread this bacteria to the dog.

In fact, the dog is not in the owner. If your dog is rolling in the mud every day, every day, “wind blowing sunlight”, then I want to be, it is very It is easy to be infected by skin, so let the dog are in the same bed with people, then to ensure that the dog is dry and clean, and it is also a regular bath, deworming, and vaccine, which is also a guarantee for dog health.

Everyone has different ways, and the hygiene epidemic prevention measures are different, so the same behavior results in different results. For example, in a timely manner, in vivo, in vitro, try to keep the dog’s health, which also guarantees our own health.

There are some parents to sleep against dogs and people, the reason is to respect the independence of dogs. Let the dogs have their own space, don’t use people. Parents believe that they can make it clean and fragrant, but dogs often don’t like that, so they can make dogs have their own independent space, and they are not sticky. This is also respectful “dog right”!

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