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The peanut cake can be used when ingredients, but it cannot be replaced by soy meals. Peanut cakes and soybean meal are protein raw materials excellent in rex rabbits, but the amino acid composition of these two raw materials is quite large. Such as lysine content: 2.35% soybean meal, 1.35% of the peanut cake, egg + cystine content: soybean meal 1.16, peanut cake 0.94%, threonine content: 1.85% soybean meal, 1.23% of peanut pie. Therefore, according to the nutritional standards of the two feed materials of soybean meal and peanut pie, it is perfecting the feed nutrition criteria required for balanced rabbits, and is the correct use of raw materials such as peanut cakes, soybean meal. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

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