Can you eat cats in pregnancy?

timg (4).jpg In the past few years, there have been gradually increased, and everyone pays more attention to the trend of cats. About cats infected with pregnant women, let the fetus become deformed rumors, but for some speaking In fact, it is exaggerated and overridden.

For pregnancy, you can’t raise cats, it is because everyone is afraid to infect the bow on the cat, the todged worm is actually an extremely tiny parasite, not only the cat will have, in other animals There may also be in the birds and fresh vegetables in the soil.

Toxoplasmic disease is a hidden infection, and about half of human beings will also be infected, and there is no danger for healthy adults and children, and antibodies are produced back. With cat cat to pet hospital to check, blood test, you can know if it has a bow insect.

Eating unknone, especially pork, lamb is also very easy to transmit, and the infection rate is high. Try to let the cat feed cooked or cat food at home, don’t let them predict.

Female can pass the cat infected with Toxis disease is the only channel of direct contact with the feces of the cat, and the cat is only excreted in the feces in the feces, and it is possible to have contagious after 24 hours. . You must take a rubber glove when you have to clean your cat fees. Be sure to wash your hands afterwards. After touching a cat, you should pay your hands, and you should pay attention to the regular place of cleaning your cat.

We can see that the todded insects will be produced in addition to the cat’s feces, so for pregnancy can’t raise cats. The speech is incorrect, and the cat will not affect the fertility. We only need to pay attention to usual hygiene cleaning. If you have the least care of the cat, you can clean it. Now expect mothers can relax, don’t worry about being pregnant, you can’t raise cute cats. Don’t worry about the cat will not affect your fertility, as long as you pay attention to clean and health, you can prevent the invasion of Toxo disease!

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