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What are the main symptoms?

How is the amount of food?

How long is it?

What is the body temperature?

How big is the pig? What is the casualties?
What kind of drug is used?

A small fertile fat, after weaning, after weaning, it will start to have a disease, and the hair is growing and chaotic, and it has cough, some It’s difficult to breathe on the ground, some walking, there is a corner, about 41 ° C in the body, some don’t have a fever, there is not much to eat, about half a month, use the fluvovedroniki, multi-west ring Suikimi test star, sulfamida drugs and take a needle, not much spending, not improved.

Teacher Zhou

Do you have a ring immunity?
Does piglets have done three-pin health?
What is the temperature of the pocket?
Is there a phenomenon of diarrhea?
Is there an anatomy?

Farming households

I used to do a ring before, I haven’t used it, and pig pigs have done the use of oxytes.Health, the calm house temperature is about 16 ° C, there is a different diarrhea, just a few days, and it will not look at it a few days ago. There is a lot of yellow water in the stomach. I don’t know why. ?

Preliminary diagnosis is: Ring virus (weaning pig multi-system failure syndrome) with a vice pigophilus hybrid infection

Prevention measures

1. Large group treatment plan

Dragon inheat liver + Kablin calcium + compound amoxicillin Clarvicate + Enno Shaxing, you can feed some melon, seriously don’t eat If the intramuscular injection of silver injection can be brought to Enno Shaxin, severe sick and weak pigs feeding separately and long-range cutes for one to twice.

Tips: Winter melon is water, and there is a pleural effusion that can promote the effusion of the effusion.

2. Improve the temperature of the posture

The temperature of the rigidity is controlled at about 28 ° C, and it can gradually cool down to about 23 ° C.
3. It is recommended to do a lower ring vaccine

Piglet three-pin health can choose long-acting cefosporism, and the last health needle can be weaning on the same day.

4. Transfer to the poster

Can be properly mixed with the positive detoxification + compound amoxicin Clarvicate / Enovo Sadding + multi-dimensional rotor size reasonable Reserved sick pigs.

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