Case of successful treatment of broiler bronchial blockage

The weather is cold, through the recent consultation and netizens’ consultation, it is found that the shortage of bronchial embolism is obviously rising, and the chicken is stressful, and the breathing is difficult. It is based on the idea of ​​solving problems for netizens, and the pathogenesis of bronchial embolism. Measures to share:

1. Correctly recognize the pathogenesis of bronchial embolism:

1, the current chicken’s respiratory mucosa is infringed by the virus, especially the gentle influenza virus, the invasion is all The respiratory tract, typical feature is the diffuse bleeding of the entire respiratory tract, and bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchitis lesions occur. Trail-proof oozing from slurry to cheese samples, which will continue to occur, resulting in suffocation. As the disease grows, if it is not controlled in time, the secondary infection of bacteria is caused, such as airbagitis, cardiac inflammation, hepatic survival, etc., thereby causing only a large area of ​​casualties.

2, management reasons

(1) Climate: Since October, the climate change is impermanent, the cold is hot, the temperature difference is too large, sometimes the temperature difference is more than 10 ° C, more than 10 ° C The chicken group may cause respiratory disease due to cooling.

(2) Winter Northern Weather Dry, there are usually no humidification equipment in the chicken house, or have a humidification device without utilization, often caused by only 35% to 50% of the humidity in the house (the humidity during normal broiler feeding The previous period is 70%, and it is maintained at 60% after 3 days. Dry air in the house causes the bronchi of the meat chicken tube to lose a lot of moisture during the breathing, and the air velvet hair is soaked, and the bare trachea wall often provides pathogen infection.

(3) Administration Cause: The early ventilation of the breast chicken is not properly ventilated, often causes the occurrence of respiratory diseases. The external temperature is low, the chicken is in ventilation, the cold air blows directly to the chicken group, causing the occurrence of respiratory diseases. The fan design is not perfect, and there is a dead angle when ventilated, and the middle part of the middle part of the chicken house is the worst. The dust, dander, and fine feathers in the air of the huthouse are mixed with the sputum in the inhalation of the sputum to increase the viscosity of the sputum, and gradually form a trachea and bronchial embolism as the loss of moisture.

农 支 清 (containing anti-disease, phlegm)

Usage: A pack of 300 pounds, concentrated drinking water 4-5 hours

Treatment: bronchogenesis, trachea has a concentration

After using the chicken, the chicken situation: three days After the technical teacher returned, the master said that after 24 hours of medication, it was found that the number of large groups were raised. After the number of chives were reduced to 20, after 3 days of medication, completely solved all the problems of the chicken group, and the master felt “Fu Nong called” “The treatment of bronchial blockage is really good, trustworthy!

At the same time, we must remind our major breeding friends usually do a good job in sanitation and strengthen feeding management to prevent pathogens.

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