Cat can’t make it wrong!

u=1325542858,742937476&fm=26&gp=0.jpg With the cats in the same roof, don’t think you have to eat, you can do it for it, in fact, you are in the eyes of the cat. So if it makes mistakes, you want to change it through it, it is impossible. If you leave it, you will leave home, even if you don’t leave, you will remember this hatred! And you want it to trust you again. Also difficult.

Can not use the set of dogs to raise cats, don’t use the set of dogs to deal with cats, because they don’t eat this set! Once it hates you, then trouble, The shortest is three months, the longest is a lifetime. So if you are too fierce, I may no longer like you in this life, it is hard to change. Please remember that cats and your relationship is just roommates, there is a lot of trade cooperation, do not use violence! And the foundation of the cat must be established on mutual trust.

Once I have already played, I haven’t hit, I have thought that I have thought about playing, and those who want to play cats in the subconscious, please put away this idea, put down violence. From now on, don’t move your cat again! The cat will change in the moment you are being played by you. It will lose confidence in humans and no longer believe in humans, and some will reach out the paw to protect themselves. If the cat sticks out the paw, the person who is arrested will feel very painful, hurt quickly, and the cat will use the experience to use the experience, do not have a few times, it will become very fierce, because of experience Tell it, as long as it counterattacks; closer to the attack, the more you can retreat, or the brutal hand. At the end, the owner and cats lived in a roof, but they had a pleasing day, and they became the pain and burden of both sides.

If you are willing to see your own cat, it is telling you a lot of things and secrets every day. When it is afraid, the pupil will enlarge, and the hair will erect. Why do you want to make hair? Just make you look bigger. In the law of nature, it is the advantage of the advantage. If it is very confident, you don’t need to swell the face and the fat man! The cat will also convey the message through the ancient movements, as long as you often observe, you will find it. It has been expressing you!

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