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According to the “Registration Management Measures for Import Feed and Feed Additives”, feed is referred to in the breeding of the People’s Republic of China. Industrially processed, produced products for animal consumption, including single feed, additive premixed feed, concentrated feed, fitting feed and fine material supplement. Feed additives refer to small or micro substances added during feed processing, production, and use, including nutritious feed additives, and general feed additives. Thus, cat dog food is also listed as a kind of feed. At the same time, the management approach stipulates that overseas companies will export feed to China for the first time, and feed additives shall apply to the Ministry of Agriculture to apply for import registration, obtain feed, feed additives import registration certificate; failure to obtain import registration certificates, it is not available in China. At the same time, imported feeds, feed additives should be packaged, packaging should comply with China’s security, health provisions, and attach the requirements of the Chinese label. Overseas companies apply for import registration, should entrust China’s domestic agency to handle it. Overseas companies should sell imported feed and feed additives in China’s domestic domestic agencies in China or commission-in-provisional institutions. Overseas companies must not sell imported feed and feed additives directly in China. Overseas companies should establish sales institutions or entrusted sales agencies in China within 6 months from the date of obtaining feed and feed additives, and reported to the Agricultural Department for filing. If the sales institution or the sales agency is changed, the Agricultural Department should be re-recorded within 1 month. I. Agricultural Ministry of Agricultural Ministry Administrative Approval Comprehensive Office accepts the “Import Feed and Feed Additive Application Form” and related materials submitted by the applicant, and pre-trial. Applying for feed and feed additive import registration shall submit real, complete, standardized application materials to the Ministry of Agriculture (Chinese and English comparison, two copies) and samples. Application information includes: Conditions: The following application materials are required (Chinese and English comparison, except for special regulations, the original and photocopy of the copy of the photocopy, “where the original English is required to provide originals and product samples issued by the manufacturer) and product samples. 1. “Application Form for Import Feed and Feed Additives” 2. Approved by the Country (region) to allow production and sales proof and registration information in other countries (regional) (notarized and confirmed) 3. ProductionManufacturers issued to the agent’s entrustment registration authorization 4. The material composition, effective component description 5. Description of the processing process flow diagram and manufacturing method 6. Quality standards, test methods and product samples for three production batch numbers and their test report 7. Description of the applicable range, adding amount and precautions 8. Tags, packaging specifications, storage precautions and shelf life: For the registration of the country (region) registration or exporting country (region) has been approved Use the products that have not been allowed in China, in accordance with the expert review, you need to submit the following information (original one, shadow): 1 Country of the country (region) approve the product or active ingredient as the official use of feed additives Certification (COMECTION) 2 Product Overview 3 Product Effective Components Chemical Structure Test Reports and Animals, Plants, Microorganisms Classification Identification 4 Description Season 5 Product Stability Test Report 6 Product Feed Test Report and Promotion Application Report 7 Product Safety Evaluation Experiment Report 8 Main Reference Information Second, Quality Credit Inspection Applicants Send three production batch numbers to the AGE’s designated feed quality testing agency for quality review. Third, feeding test and safety evaluation test did not receive a production country (region) registration registration, the applicant should send the product sample to the agricultural department to conduct feeding test and safety evaluation test; Production Country (region) The products have been approved for production and use, but the products that have not been allowed in China have been approved, and the product sample should be sent to the agricultural author to carry out the test, and the safety evaluation test is performed if necessary. IV. The National Feed Review Committee reviews the application materials of the two types of products according to the feeding test and safety evaluation test results. V. Nuclear feed, feed additive import registration certificate, the National Feed Office of the Ministry of Feed, based on the results of the Quality Returning, the evaluation results of the sum expert review results, and apply for approval after approval by the Minister. If the review is qualified, the Ministry of Agriculture has issued a feed, feed additive import registration certificate within 10 working days, and announced. Feed, feed additive import registration certificate is valid for 5 years. Feed, feed additive import registration certificate valid expiration needs to continue to export feed, feed additives to China, should apply for renewal at 6 months ago. Import registration certificates are valid during the validity of imported feed, feed additives, or product quality standards,If the production process, the scope of application, and the registration should be reappledged. The following information should be provided: 1. Imported feed, feed additive renewal registration application form 2. Import registration certificate 3. Profit certificate of the approved and domestic agency 4. Proof of production and use 5. Quality standards , Detection method and inspection report 6. Labels, trademarks, and Chinese label type imported feeds used in the production area, and feed additives have one of the following circumstances in the validity period of import registration certificates: 1. Product Chinese or foreign goods Name change 2. Apply for enterprise name change 3. Manufacturer name change 4. Production address Name change application change registration should provide the following information: (1) Imported feed, feed additive change registration application form (2) Participation and domestic agency qualification Certification (3) The original (IV) of the import registration certificate (IV) Change instructions and related certificates are required to handle, please contact the Chinese farmers import feed registration center Cheng Qiwei 010-85583684 13693693684
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