Cat eats carrots to poison?

“The cat’s carried cat is easy to get sick, will be poisoned!” This words came out, it would be full of fullness, a piece of love, the family has loved the cat is particularly dissatisfied, wonder: Animal liver is rich in nutrients, Cat special love, carrot is rich in vitamin A, how to add it in two, it will be harmful? QQ截图20210108142201.jpg

According to the research, the correct calcium and phosphorus in cat food is approximately 1 to 1 However, the calcium less phosphorus in the liver is more, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the fresh liver reaches 1 to 36. If the cat is eating the liver for a long time, it will cause calcium deficiency. The external manifestation of calcium deficiency is: 1, the stomach function is weakened, loss of appetite, and the body is growing. 2, no longer living, fear, do not dare to jump from the height. Severe deficiency of calcium-deficient young cats will be depressed in the back shoulder, the pelvic cavity is narrow, resulting in constipation. In the cold season, young cats are also easy to suffer from the limbs, and severe people will be paralyzed. This is what we often say.

The liver itself contains a large amount of vitamin A carrot containing B-carotene, and a molecular carotene can be broken down into two vitamin A molecules in the cat body, if they have long-term feeding liver and carrots, Vitamin A in the cat body is seriously over, and the cat is easy to vitamin A poison.

If the love cat has already loved the liver, you can use the time of about 10 days, mix the new cat food and the liver to eat, add the weight of the new food every day, reduce the amount of liver until the cat is complete Adapt to new food.

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