Cat prevents bad breath also need to brush your teeth?

timg (4).jpg The owner of the first breeding of pet cats, because of the lack of experience in feeding cats, often causes the cat’s bad breath. In order to better care the health and hygiene of the cat, the breeder must brush your teeth 3-4 times a week. If necessary, you need to take cat to pet hospital to clean your teeth, remove tartar, eliminate, eliminate pet cats The odor of the mouth, keep the oral health of the cat.

I found that the problem of pet cat citness is not difficult, because the smell of the cat can be exuded into the air, so the owner can know that the oral cavity of the cat is facing a healthy problem. At the same time, when the cat is exhausted, oral ulcers, teeth are very dirty, etc., the cat’s teeth may have been infected with bacteria, so that the oral problem, and the oral cavity will also exude odor.

Brushing is the simplest, most commonly used nursing tooth health method. Brushing can effectively remove dirt on cat teeth, and some stains remain residual. At the same time, brush your teeth can also effectively remove some of the bacteria in the cat. After the foreign matter is clear, the pet cat’s teeth will remain clean and protected from bacteria.

Feeders do not need to brush your cat in the morning or later morning. Under normal circumstances, 3-4 times a week can guarantee the oral hygiene of the cat. At the same time, in order to health cat’s teeth, in daily diet, feeders should choose some dry food to avoid selecting some sticky soft food. Because it is not easy to have residual substances on the teeth of the cat when dry, there will be no food, resulting in bacterial breeding, and the dry food can also effectively remove the dirt on the cat to prevent cats. Bad breath, health care effect.

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