Cat that you don’t want to lose, do you know?

The owner looked very happy when the cat is beautiful, but once the hair removal season will worry, if there is a kind of cat who can’t fill the hair, it will be more happy! Today, I will give you four kinds of cats who don’t love the hair! timg (5).jpg Siamese cat

Siamese cat is also known as the western mother cat, Thai cat, is a famous short-hairy cat in the world, also a representative variety of shorthair cats. Ethnic history Siamese cat originates in Thailand (Siki Siam), in 200 years ago, this precious cat is only breed in Thailand and the anger of the hometown.

Siamese cat is just a good move, the witty, curious, and the understanding of people. Siamese cats like to be with others, and they can take a walk with belts. Siamese cat’s appearance, rich expression, smart, lively, curious. I like to be with people, loyal to the owner and feel good, like a dog, give people feelings and trusted, even like a dog and the owner to go to the street, thus gain the title of “Dog in Cat”. timg (6).jpg American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair is a kind of cat originating in the United States, and its ancestors bring cat species for European immigrants to North America, with British Short Mao Cat (Details) and European Short Mao Cats. According to records, a number of cats carrying several cats on May Flowers. The variety of cats are chosen in cats collected from street lanes, and cultivated with imported varieties such as British short-haired cats, Burmese cats and Persian cats (detail). American short-haired cats are known for the soft cats in the short-haired cats in a short-haired cat. Merry is thick, more than 30 kinds of hair color, wherein the silver stripe variety is particularly expensive.

American short-haired cat genes his ancestors, brave and hard work, gentleness, and will not change because of the changes in the environment or mood. Full resistance, amiable, will not mess with temper, do not like messy, suitable for families with children. US short-lived cats have strong resistance. American short-hairy cats are also very smart cats. Although they will not perform small tricks such as high-altitude balls, the owner can teach them to promise their names and away from the sofa. The American shorthair cat likes to lying on the leg of the owner, enjoy the caress of the owner. They willCherish your toys, especially when the owner is not there, they will invent a variety of different gameplay, so that they don’t feel alone. American short-haired cats are happy to get along with other animals, including birds and dogs.

timg (7).jpg

The ancestors of the British shorthair cat can be said to be “war Hafhe”. As early as 2000 years ago, they have followed Caesar. The emperor will fight everywhere. In the war, they rely on super-striking capacity, and the food and grass of the Roman army will not be peeable by the mouse, fully guarantee the stability of the military needs. It is not only recognized as a mouse master, but the handsome shape is also loved by more people. The cat is branched, and the limbs are thick and short, and the hair is short, the head is round, and the large round eyes present various colors depending on the macrofa.

British short-haired cat is bold and curious, but it is very gentle and adaptable. It will not change because of the changes in the environment. Try to climb to a relatively high place, look down on the round of the round big eyes and smile, just like “Alice’s dream of the fairy”, the only cat called “Louis” is the same. Without language, just use the lovely facial expressions to grab your heart, you can’t change your love to it. timg (8).jpg US Roll Cat

The development of the US roll cat has always been quite slow, the main reason is that the initial curly kitten is a long hair. But now, it is woning people’s love and has been able to cultivate colors, providing a broad prospect for cultivators. The feature ear is different, such as the ear pointing to the first item and streak. But in this color cat, the color and tabby pattern must be clear and eye-catching.

The US roll cat is curious, is a very good companion, suitable for all families. It is stable and smart, and those behaviors when the kitten will remain a lifetime. The US roll cat doesn’t love more, but they know how to tell you what they need. It can also get along with other pets at home.

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