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At present, the domestic dairy farming industry is not booming, and imported dairy products have a large market impact, and the small and medium-sized pasture management can’t keep the number of cells, which causes low breeding benefits. The high height of somatic cells affects the quality of milk, but also affects milk prices, and more than 1 million oceans will be rejected.
Recently I visited some pastures, communities, cells, and somatic cells in Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, accounting for 60%, of which more than 800,000 have 10%, mostly the community. The management is relatively placed, which seems to be important.
The most problem in the community is how XX is treated instead of how to prevent control, the owner’s mind is spent on how the glow is going, I believe they will never want to be a qualified veterinarian. They give cows on the bull milk to the bovine breast, in order to reduce the loss, only the milk of the filling of the nipple is not extracted from the milk.
The quality of milk is related to people’s physical health. It is related to the benefits of dairy enterprises. It is also related to the benefits of the cattle boss, advocating green farming, “raising healthy cattle, producing quality milk” is the voice of contemporary people.
Nursing cattle is the concept of raising, who will have a long time to stay in this industry.
Healthy breeding, green breeding said that there is no anti-farming. Dairy production strength, more opportunities, and attention should be prevented, and the money used to use to make prevention and control is the most cost-effective. Nowadays, people have noticed the application of active proteins (biological peptides), very good. However, the product on the market is basically Bacillus and its metabolites, and there is less antibacterial peptide, and some are Chinese medicine to add antimicrobial peptides, and the effect is general. The bulls have not been completely solved with the problem of high-cell cells.
I think that the main means of solving high-body cells have the following:
1. Strengthen pasture management, do a good job in the survival of cows;
2, improve the comfort of the cows;
3, Milk standardization, not permeated milk, protect the tap of the cow;
4, the product of the replacement antibiotic – biological peptide (we use the products of Shandong Shenzhen Biocuro, 99.5% purity, dosage Less, 2 yuan / day. The cost of the head, the inner body cells decreased in 3 days. This product has an effect on viruses, bacteria, fungi, and insects, anti-inflammatory antibacterial peptide, tissue repair peptide and body defense peptide, etc. ingredient).
5, elimination of difficult treatmentMore clinical breasts.
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