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The policy of cattle disease is “anti-weight”, that is, “prevention, treatment is supplemented”, insist on prevent injection of the spring and autumn, and the prevention needle is very close.
Several common diseases of cattle are as follows:
(1) Infectious disease: There are many infectious diseases, mainly introducing them below.
1, cow carbon jaundice: commonly known as “flying”, is acute, thermal, and septic infectious disease caused by the human livestock caused by char. The year can occur in the year, and there is more time in summer. Maximum sense of herbalism.
Symptom: Inspiration, coma, fallback, difficulty breathing, stop, high fever, visual mucosa, blue purple, full body spasm, seven bleeding during death. If there is any disease, it should strictly block the pathogenesis, and strictly implement comprehensive measures to block, isolation, disinfection in the epidemic area. The body cannot anatomy, because this is the infectious disease of human and animals, must be deeply buried or burned, millions can not eat.
Prevention: Injection of a non-toxic carbon jaundice, a second carbon jaundice, and a strong and lasting immunity can be obtained for more than a year.
2, the cattle out: commonly known as “water throat” is an acute, thermal infectious disease. The symptoms are high heat, pneumonia, acute gastroenteritis and internal organs. The cattle of various ages can occur. It is generally difficult to treat after the onset, so prevention is very important. Under the strengthening of feeding management, the annual insistence on the spring and the autumn will prevent injection of the oxide alumina formaldehyde seedlings in the autumn.
(2) Poisoning
1, Qing Bar Leaves Poisoning: Also known as “edema” “iron plate yellow”. It is a poisoned disease that occurs due to excessive vessels of cattle. There is constipation, diarrhea, edema, etc. The ox, buffalo can happen, and the harm of cattle in production practice is the greatest, and the weight must die. But as long as you don’t grazing or cut the blue-breaker leaves, this disease will generally do not happen.
2, ammonia poisoning: causes ammonia poisoning mainly bovine too much drink-containing substance. If the ammonia straw is excessively added to the neutral ammonia, the ammonia of the ammonia, and the ammonia of cow shell is not ammonia is absorbed, the poisoning caused by excessive ammonia is absorbed.
Symptoms: mouth vomin, difficulty breathing, screaming, anal loose, pupil is large.
Prevention and treatment: Be careful not to let the benesthesis. Making the ammonia straw should be used according to the procedure to use urea. When feeding, you must perform an ammonia treatment, you can do it;Straw with a bad ammonia. If this disease occurs, it must be detoxified immediately of 1.52 kg of broth vinegar or sauce.
(3) Common diseases:
There are many common diseases of cattle, and when they are in time, they can cure.
Rumen swell: also named airfall, belly. It is a feed that is too much to ferment and expand, so that the solution of the ryese is rapidly fermented, resulting in an increase in gastrointestinal, and an inflatable disease of exhaust disorder. The disease cattle mainly sees a large number of easy-to-fermentable feeds or eater with mysteria, and transient fresh legumes.
Symptoms: Abdominal circumference, uneasy abdominal pain, appetite, ruminant, heating is stopped, difficulty breathing, mucous membrane, loss of appetite.
I found that this disease should be treated immediately, exclude gas, decompression, fermentation, and remove harmful internal solubility in the raft and restore the front gastrointestinal function. Acute swelling, usually managing, usually, should be strengthened, can not feed too much bean pasture or grass and easy fermented green feed; do not give molds, rotted forage, poisonous grass, etc.
There are many common diseases of cattle, but as long as they are informal, they can be treated in time. This is no longer introduced here. The infectious disease of cattle is high in hypere, the incidence and mortality is high, and the life safety of the people is not easy to treat, especially the life of human animals. I am critical to adhering to the “prevention-oriented, anti-weight”.
It is well known that the source of cattle disease is widely, but the proportion of mildew feed is high, so in order to prevent a series of diseases, it is critical to avoid feeding mildew feed. But feed from all over the country, no matter how controlled, it is inevitable that there will be “fish”, “there is therefore, it can be reflected in the importance of adding Imeres Montanges in the feed.
Imeresmondstone is a pure natural green additive, which can effectively adsorb the mold toxin in the feed, prevent the bacteria, and without any side effects, you can use it with confidence.

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