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I. Temporary chicken in the episode of the chicken group is only pathogenesis, severe chicken is indigestible, diarrhea, more “feed feces”, “tomato feces”, chicken growth stagnation, feed remuneration decline.
Second, the cause of the cause of the disease is poorly active during the developmental maturity of the enzyme in the gastrointestinal tract, but nutrients need to be relatively high, the intestinal burden is heavy, resulting in poor gastrointestinal regulators. , Immune function is relatively insufficient enough.
02 Drinking Water Factors
Since most farmers are used as shallow well water, that is, drinking is surface water. The temperature is cold and hot, and the rain is increased. The chance of drinking sewage is therefore increased, so that the pathogen microorganism has breeded a lot of breeding, so that the chicken is more susceptible to intestinal disease in summer. This is one of the main reasons for the diarrhea in the summer chicken. If this is this cause, the use of antibiotics when diarrhea occurs will be improved, but immediately after stopping the drug.
03 Feed Factors
First, the bioamine in the feed is widely present. The hazards of biohymine to chickens depends primarily on the high and low content, the feed protein, and the animal by-product increases by bacterial degradation, and the product is increased in the feed, the better the quality, the longer of the feed, and the increase in the increase of the increase of the albino content. Intestinal intake damage and swelling of the gonada. The second is to add quality fat in the feed. The third is the presence of mold toxins in the feed, and diarrhea caused by molds.
04 days hot, the temperature is high
The weather is hot, the temperature is high, the amount of drinking water in the chicken is increased, which causes the intestinal fluff to shrink, so that the contact area of ​​food and fluff is reduced, affected. The absorption of nutrients, and it is also beneficial to the breeding of bacteria, which is one of the reasons why 3-4 weeks old new city drinking water is immunized.
05VA and the lack of VE

VA lack of integrity of epithelial systems; the lack of VE can affect the body’s immune function.

Summer push insect disease, coccidiosis caused intestinal endothelial damage, so that the body causes intestinal inflammation, and the endothelial damage caused by enteritis Create a condition for the attachment of coccidi eggs. Callus interact with enteritis and aggravates each other. Virus, infection of bacterial diseases. Bacterial disease is mainly some Gram-positive bacteria, such as Wussema; some viral diseases can increase intestinal syndrome, such as a hypermarine, adenovirus, and the like.
07 Abuse Antibiotics

caused by disorderly disorders due to antibiotics.
08 Chicken Group Health

The lack of VA affects the integrity of the epithelial system; the lack of VE can affect the body’s immune function.
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