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In recent years, through the analysis of the clinical manifestations of Niuji, Xuzhou area, it has been found that diarrhea is a number of diseases of cattle, and the incidence rate is more than 50%. The reason is mainly improper feeding management. In this regard, the feeding management should be continuously strengthened and comprehensive prevention and control measures should be used.
Diarrhea is a condition that is common in the circle of cattle, mainly manifested as an increase in duty period and a manure. According to statistics, the number of cases of diarrhea disease accounts for more than 50%, and acute diarrhea is more common, the harm is most prominent. Therefore, we must do a good job of prevention and control of diarrhea. In order to effectively prevent this disease, the author puts forward effective prevention measures for the abdomen and diarrhea, which is specifically the following;
1 causes the child, the food is not clean
The poor food is mainly reflected in the following areas: feeding a mildew hay, frozen grass roots, green grass and green silica, or feeding by plants contaminated by pesticides or chemical substances, or with a plurality of dirt, granulated feed, etc. Winter grass lacks, need to fed dry grass supplements, while hay hard, excessive use can cause indigestion, such as over-eating alfalfa (high protein content) can cause indigestion and cause diarrhea. At present, most rural nurses, lack of scientific drinking water equipment, cattle uses stone slots and cement slots to make bovine free drinking water, often put the heads and even legs into the water, sticking with large and sized bokee, polluting water sources. 1.2 Improper use of drugs
Use a medicine for a long time, which is easy to cause bacteria to produce drug resistance. During the medication, due to the disorder of the intestinal flora, most of them caused a two-infection, most is the oral antibiotics. Currently, common drugs are mainly beneficial to fuff, ampicillin, Lin Kemycin, and salvar.
3 bacteria, viral secondary infection
Various common infectious diseases are easy to infect infection. In recent years, Xuzhou area has navigatizes in the case of epidemic prevention, and there is usually no vicious infectious diseases in addition to the diarrhea caused by conditional pathogenic bacteria. However, whenever the climate change, when the cattle body is decreased, there are often two or more pathogenic mixed infections, which are often generated. Specifically, the appetite is reduced or abolished, the mental downturn, the dollars are drey, and the number of ruminants is reduced or stopped. . The hazard caused by the disease is very harmful, and it should be attached to the vast value of veterinarians and cattle users.
Directa factor
This is usuallyUnder the conditions of raise conditions, it is mainly due to the infection of cow to feed feed containing infectious larvae, insect eggs, causing more cow diarrhea, and the clinical symptoms are expressed in weight, anemia, diarrhea and constipation, Manure may have blood and inflammatory secretions, sometimes mixed with parasitic pests and eggs.
1. Other stress factors
climate change, poor environment, long-distance transportation, etc. will reduce the body’s resistance, causing cattle function diarrhea. Clinically, it is mainly manifested as a diarrhea, and there is no blood and mucus of feces, and a water sample.
2 Prevention and Control Measures
2. Prevention
In terms of feeding management, we must adhere to the prevention, to effectively prevent the epidemic prevention. Adhere to regularly disinfection of the circle house, equipment, etc., ensure that the ventilation is ventilated, the environment is clean and hygienic, feed, and drinking water clean. For newly purchased cattle to isolate quarantine, ensure that cattle health is mixed with other cattle. After discovery of cattle, it is necessary to isolate treatment in time, do a good job in disinfection in the inside and outside of the circle, and timely remove feces and contaminants and harmless treatment to prevent cross infection. To strengthen the feeding management of cattle, reduce various stress reactions, establish and improve the scientific feeding management system, and regularly inject the vaccine.
2.2 Treatment
The diarrhea treatment method of different varieties is basically the same, that is, understanding the history, the cause, and the symptomatic and the for treatment. Once fever, feces with mucus or blood, first consider the use of antibiotic therapy, do the drug sensitivity test prior to medication, mainly intravenous injection, try to avoid damage to the gastrointestinal microorganism. Disease cattle in diarrhea, timely replenishment. Such as simple diarrhea, not eager to use antibiotics, can use drug-digestive drugs and microbial preparations to reconstruct the intestinal benefits, can add Imeresmondite in the feed, can effectively inhibit the burial diarrhea, and no toxic side effects .
3 Summary and experience
3.1 Causes of bull diarrhea is very complex
Comprehensive analysis of diarrhea, no abuse of antibiotics. There is currently a phenomenon of antibiotic abuse, resulting in increased drug resistant strains, and initiating secondary enteritis. Therefore, the correct use of antibiotics is the primary problem facing grassroots veterinarians.
3.2 Diagnosis and treatment equipment is not perfect
Relative to the cattle, the sizzling cattle is often difficult to observe in the early stage of the disease, plus the rural veterinary diagnostic equipment, Lack of fast diagnosis, the veterinarian is only diagnosed from medical experience, but some infectious diarrhea, clinical symptoms, pathological changes are very similar, difficult to identify diagnosis, easy to cause misdiagnosis, thus delay the treatment opportunity, waiting Improve the level of diagnosis and treatment in the future clinical work.
3.3 Mixed infection
In recent years, some of the conditions caused by the diarrhea cases caused by pathologic bacteria and parasites have increased, and the popular law has changed, and there is often a variety of pathogen mixed infections. Therefore, nursing households should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of mixed infections, especially the farmers.
3.4 Comprehensive prevention and control is main
Vaccine injection is a good solution to effectively prevent diarrhea. At present, Xuzhou and even the country has no large area to implement injection vaccine prevention measures, so it should be promoted to immunization measures and adhere to comprehensive prevention and control.

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