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The so-called feed is also known as the tissue, refers to the amount of feed that the chicken eats into the belly is not digestive. Under normal circumstances, the chicken puller of the chicken farm is due to a certain disease, such as the chicken toxin poisoning, chicken intestinal bacteria disorder, chicken colon coccidia, chicken insect nematode, chicken strobacteria Enteritis, etc. Xiao Zhang is in detail with you:

1. Many nicknians believe that mold toxins are the root cause of many chicken disease. Whether you agree to this point, at least the chicken mold toxin poisoning will affect the digestive function of the chicken, resulting in the feed.
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2. The intestinal bacteria disorder of the chicken will directly affect the digestive function of the chicken intestine. After the decline, the small intestine digestive function cannot be digested, resulting in the feed of the feed. In addition, the intestinal bacterial group disorder is easily thus breeding of Clostridia, making necrotic inflammation in coliantial tract, resulting in increased parenteral exudation, and there is a feed.
3. Chicken colonal push insects directly lead to inflammation of the small intestine while causing increased slurry exudation. The inflammation of the small intestine will greatly reduce the digestibility of the feed, so that the feed is excreted without digestion. If the chicken colonus is not treated in time, he will have a bleeding. Small colonocty suggestion Land gram, mix with water to drink, four days.
4. If the chicken has diseases such as aphid nematode, it will also cause inflammation of the intestine to cause inflammation, reduce the digestive function of the chicken, increasing the exudation of slurry, resulting in the production of the feed.
5. The chicken is in the process of feeding, due to some reasons, parenteral damage, resulting in the intestinal mucosa to fall off. After the chicken is out of stock, the anaerobic environment formed by the intestinal mucosa is very conducive to the growth of Clostridia. The growth of Clostridia will cause necrotic inflammation in the intestinal tract, increase the intestinal exudation, resulting in the production of feeds. After the chicken is affected, it uses the shaker, drinking water, specializing in solving intestinal bowrituses.

6. If some kinds of rice chickens choose, it may also cause chicken pulling.

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Prevention Strategy

Keep the honeyhouse is well ventilated, arrange the breeding density, especially in the warm rainy season. Keep the chicken house clean.

Strictly perform the disinfection system and cut off the transmission pathway. Callus can complete life history in internal and external environments in the body, there is a large number of insect eggs in the pad and feces, resulting in repeated infection in coccidia. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically disinfect the equipment and the ground of the chicken house, chicken cage, and the waste of the feces and moisture, and accumulate it in a fixed location to prevent contaminating and drinking water. Tel: 15726200639 Zhang

Strengthening the feeding management, keeping the chickenhouse well; adhere to regular disinfection, timely clearing the feces. Regularly preventive deworming, prevent coccidia infection; timely diagnosis, symptoms in time after the disease.

Improve the level of feeding, regular drug prevention. Although the disease is caused by a variety of factors, coccidia is the main cause of the disease, so it should pay special attention to the prevention of coccidia in production. At the same time, sufficient vitamin A, E should be maintained in the feed to improve the body’s resistance.

The reason why the chicken pull, how to treat the chicken dress

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