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In recent years, sow abortion has become a major disease that seriously restricts the breeding industry, and this situation is very large to the pig farm, and severely plague the entire pig industry.

How do we handle a sow in this case? First, let’s take a look at what caused by sow abortion:

First, causing sow abortion Cause

01, the cause of the disease

Blue-ear, pseudoal trace, swine fever, small, and brain, etc., these diseases can cause sow abortion.

The sow is the most common in the disease in terms of the disease. The first blue ear caused by the sow, the sow, the sow, the sow, the case of not being eaten, and the size of the piglet flowing is basically the same. The piglet will also have some red symptoms.
Pseudo Randus: Solid sows caused by pseudohadia, the sow is essentially unaffected during abortion.
02, Stress Reasons: Vaccine Injection, Drug Health

It is generally relatively large in the vaccine. It is more likely to cause sow abortion.
03. Administration reasons

The main reason for management of abortion: the ground is too slippery, crowded caused the sow to fall, bite, frightened or breeders whipped in the process of driving, kick The pushing stress can make the sow’s uterus and fetuses vibrate directly or indirectly, causing sow abortion in the late pregnancy;

Long-term serving in a cold, humid, and poor air or Winter drinking ice water can cause miscarriage.

Second, how should the sow after abortion?
In particular, the sow of the latter abortion, the piglet has been formed, some of the pigs have not completely discharged, the piglets are still troublesome.
1, rushing the abortion mother pig to the wear sows, it is best to close one column separately. Care in the sow after delivery.

thoroughQing Palace is a premise:

Choice standard for Qinggang perfusion fluid: can promote foreign objects, eliminate swelling, and promote mucosa regeneration.

Qinggong standard operation: Waterfill in the day of the abortion (can also be self-contained in the floating liquid).

Antibacterial anti-inflammatory is guaranteed

The selection standard of anti-inflammatory drugs: the uterus is highly sensitive to the height of the bacteria, and the efficacy is lasting.

Select Enovard or cefurozo, it is recommended that the sows returned to normal production after postpartum.
2, the first atmosphere after abortion

There will be an estrus during the 3 to 5 days after the sow, then we have some pig farms. This is breed in this per hour. However, breeding in this permission is wrong.

First, the reproductive function of the sow after abortion has been damaged, then the breeding of the sow is not recovered, and the return rate of the sow will be very high, and there is a chance. With the same, then the number of people will be very low.
When the sow of the sow is breeding in the breeding?

Waiting for the next estrus.

First, abortion sows need to restore the reproductive function of the uterus to the proceedient to breed, while the sow takes 18 to 20 days to restore an uterine with the birth damage, then we need diet in this time. Add reproductive nutrition to help sow recovery physical condition and reproductive function, specific programs for the addition of pigs in the sow feed after abortion, 2.5kg / t to the next estrus.

For physical weakness or severe infection, the next case of exceeding the next case, restore the normal estrus of the sow and the reproductive function.

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