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Breastitis is an inflammatory change in breast tissue being physically, chemical, and microbial stimulation. It is characterized by an increase in the increase in milk in milk, and the varying changes in breast tissues, and the quality of the traids of the milk is abnormal. Therefore, dairy recessive breastitis requires timely treatment, the source of the milk developed by Baitri Biotechnology, Henan Province, reduces dairy cells, and treats recessive breast inflammation.

The average incidence of harm of ridden breast inflammatitis is as high as 40% ~ 65%, of which the average incidence rate of clinical breastitis is 2% ~ 3%, and the average incidence of recessive breastitis is 38. % ~ 62%. Breastflammatitis Dairy not only decreased milk, but also the quality of milk products, and due to the increase in waste milk, the increase in medical expenses and premature elimination, etc., causing huge economic losses to the dairy industry.

Remainable Breastitis Although there is no obvious symptom in clinical, it has caused a decline in milk production and milk quality. The breast-nutrient ingredients of the disease cattle have a large change, and contain a large amount of pathogenic microorganisms, so that the milk is easy to get resistance, but also affects the nutritional value of dairy products and the health and safety of people. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the cost of feeding management. When it is severely converted into a clinical breastfeeding, it has stopped the milk to eliminate the treatment, causing greater economic losses; recessive breastitis The disease caused by infection of the reproductive system, and has a dairy cow in a recessive breast, and the postpartum estrus is prolonged, and the fell rate is lowered. Recessive breastitis is a pathogenic carrier and will infect other cattle. Most clinical breast inflammation starts with recessive breastitis, so it is more important to take the necessary measures for recessive breastitis than simple treatment of clinical breast inflammation, and it is also an important part of dairy farming.

Causes the main cause of microorganisms in dairy rolls: the most important cause of breastitis is the infection of pathogens, mostly goldenoglatococcus and Streptococcus, other E. coli, Pseudomonas, Puzzle bacilli, necropate, etc. These pathogens generally cause disease in the invasion of the nipple, and some are inhaused with the uterus or gastrointestinal tract and other uterus or gastrointestinal tract.

Environmental factors: such as Niu Hao dust, not cleaned, not disinfected; cowshed damp, not in time, disinfect; sports muddy, 草 is not cleaned; dairy sanitary conditions are poor, breast is muddy, Manure pollution; do not wash hands before milking, do not clean the nipple, wipe the breast, a few cow, a barrel of water, a towel is scrubberMulti-cattle; vacuum pump regulator is not cleaned, or the rubber tube on the milking is not changed frequently, or cleaning the milking does not add any disinfectant; the breast inflammation is arbitrary, and the head three milk is casually squeezed into the cow. , Pollution environment, etc.

Traumatic factors: Various trauma and milking technology are unskilled or improper, such as the negative pressure of the breast milk is too large, the ticking time in the milking is too long, the speed is too fast, and even if the valve is not closed. In the case, it can cause ribinous breastitis to cause improper use of milk cups or infeeding tubes.

Endogenous infection: such as postpartum sepsis, acute endometritis, tuberculosis, diagnosis, gastroenteritis, etc., mostly with local reactive risotic breastitis. Repair breastitis can also be caused by the transfer of traumatic cervicitis, purulent percurant, vascular embolic internal organs.

Feeding management: Dietary nutrition is imbalance, for high yield cows, high energy, high protein diet is conducive to protect and increase production milk, and also increase the load of the breast, reduce the body’s resistance Cause breast inflammation. A certain amount of vitamins and minerals can play an important role in anti-infection, such as supplementate sodium selenite, vitamin E, vitamin A will reduce the incidence of breastitis.

Stress: such as a bad climate (including the cold, heat, etc.), frightened, feed mold, etc., they will affect the normal physiological function of cows to a certain extent, resulting in increasing breast inflammation. Veterinary operation is not standardized to infect breast inflammation. High fetal, aged cows are prone to hidden breasts. The main manifestations and diagnostics of ribbon criminals

Mainly manifested: Recessive breasts generally do not exhibit clinical symptoms, but they have unique symptoms. If the amount of milk produced is increasing, the ingredients contained in the milk have a significant change, tissue cells such as neutrient white blood cells, epithelial cells, etc., in the milk, and can retain for a long time. The milk is made of normal weak acidity into a weak alkaline, and the quality of the milk is lowered, and it is easy to get resistance. If the recessive breastitis is not treated in time, it may be converted to clinical breastitis.

Treatment of cow stealth breastitis: the source of milk, cow additive. Reduce dairy cells and treat recessive breastitis.

The source of the milk is carried by fermentation dandelion, Houttuynia is a carrier, rich in a lot of beneficial microorganisms.Comparative Chinese medicine extract, lysozyme, dimse A, zinc amine zinc. Main role: Supplement of beneficial bacteria, improve body immunity, broad-spectrum antibacterial anti-inflammatory, protect the nipple mucosa.

2. The effect of preventing recessive breast inflammation

2. The effect is lasting, it is not easy to relapse after stopping the drug

3. Natural plant source, green, no pollution, no residue

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