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First, what is the reason for piglet dehydration? 1, indigestion. There are many reasons why piglet dehydration, and there are often infectious diseases that have seen piglets. Because the various physiological functions of piglets have not been perfect, food can also be digested in time, and the secretion of digestive enzyme is also not comprehensive. Especially after weaning, the increase in food is more aggravated, causing poor pigmentation. These without digestible food will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract of piglets, leading to gastrointestinal accelerates peristaltic speed, secrete overrogant gastrointestinal fluid, and there is a lower drainage. If the piglet is weaning, it will cause serious diarrhea and will lead to dehydration. 2, summer climate is hot, the heatstroke prevention work is not in place, the drinking water is insufficient, resulting in the heat of the pig, heat should be dehydrated. 3, piglet yellow and white diarrhea, pig flow trap diarrhea, pig infectious gastroenteritis, sub-stricken diseases and other diseases. 4, pig food uses molded feed, mold poisoning, and thus causing a series of gastrointestinal diseases.
How to treat piglet dehydration? 1. Provide a dehydration phenomenon with sufficient drinking water pigs, the primary solution is naturally a sufficient drinking water. In order to ensure that each piglet is able to drink
to sufficient water, and every 10 piglets will set up a water dispenser. Before serving piglets, strictly control the quality and temperature of water. In addition, we are best to ensure that drinking water has a certain microflow speed. This can also guarantee moisture activity, improve water quality, so that the dehydrated pig will return to normal as soon as possible, and can play a preventive role. 2, timely replenishment of small pig dehydration is a timely and effective abdominal fluid. (1) The abdominal fluid site
is generally selected from the previous rear of the seconduous nipple or at 3 to 5 cm at the front edge of the sham. (2) Replenishing drugs and dosage
Because piglet diarrhea dehydration is mostly mixed, both dehydrated and downtown. Therefore, the choice of drugs should also be mixed, commonly used in 5% glucose physiology, or the like. The amount of medicinal is 250 ~ 500ml each time. After heating to 38c = 41c, the abdominal cavity is slowly injected. After 12 hours, it is usually recovered 2 times (3) Mix medication In order to eliminate inflammation and anti-infection, add 2 to 5 ml or vitamin E for the mixture of gentamicin injections while mixing.
Precautions a. The dose when the intraperitoneal injection should not be too large, usually 20 kilograms of weight pig needles 20 ~ 30 ml; 30 kilograms of weight pig pin 40 ml; 50 kilograms of weight pig needles 50 ml. b. Temperature and PeniThe pig is nearing, especially in the cold time, should heat the liquid to 38 ° C; c. Abdominal needle should pay attention to disinfection, avoid infection; d. Drug should be dispelected, the number of mixes should not be too much, usually 1 time, It should be stopped from 2 to 3 days; e. Need to fix the needle in the injection, the needle needs to be slightly abdominal, so that the abdominal wall is close to the abdominal wall, avoiding the needle move between the abdominal wall
and the peritoneum, forming a liquid injection of the liquid .
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