Causes of dogs

timg.jpg In addition to normal growth stages and season changes, there are other reasons, which will cause dogs to furnish, especially the phenomenon of fur, should be found. Not there of the reason for the cause of the dog fur! Let’s introduce 7 reasons for dogs that caused dogs, hoping to help everyone!
1, skin disease caused Mao: Dog After infection with skin disease, such as mites, fungi, parasites, fungi or eczemic, or parasitic, a large number of dogs and fleas, will also cause a lot of hair removal. The dog will take the hair with paws and teeth, and will also grab a lot of hair.

2, excessive edited salt: The salted salt of dogs is different from humans, which can cause flourishing phenomenon, including spicy, irritating food, and excessive meal. It will also cause weight of the dog’s internal organs, and should eat professional nutrient ratio dog food.

    3, human shampoo giving a bath: the dog’s skin is alkaline, so the shampoo used by the use of people will produce dandruff, itching, and a large amount of symptoms. Choose suitable shower gels for dogs, molant, can effectively nourish hair, prevent the production of phenomenon.

  • 4, malnutrition: Dog malnutrition, malnutrition imbalance, the lack of vitamins and minerals will also cause phenomenon.
  • 5, take a shower and pass the diligence: Some hoses will take a shower for the dog’s high frequency, but will destroy the dog’s skin acid alkali balance, causing a hair loss.

  • 6, too little sunshine time: Sunshine is beneficial to dog-skinned health, lack of sunlight, and also caused phenomenon of dogs.
  • 7, emotional hair loss: fear, nervous, worrying mood will cause dogs to furnish, so the owner should often interact with love pets, eliminate the nervousness of love pets, fear.
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