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Leg disease is a prevention and control problem existing in broiler production. With the improvement of the production performance of the meat, the severity of the leg disease is also increasing. Under normal circumstances, the growth rate of the bones is consistent with the growth rate of the entire body and in a balanced state. However, due to the progress of breeding, the increase in feeding levels and the improvement of environmental control, the early growth rate of meat has greatly improved, which breaks the original balance of physical growth and development. The leg disease with the meat with chicken is mainly caused by the imbalance between the growth and development between chicken body muscle tissue and skeletal tissue.
Test proves that early implementation of appropriate restriction feeding can make leg diseases decreased, even eradicated. However, this is impossible to practice in production, because the technical goal of the meat breeding is to accelerate growth. The leg disease of broiler is closely related to growth rate, but the direct cause of leg disease is varied. Incident can be divided into several categories:

1. Heremitic leg disease, such as tibia cartilage development abnormalities, spine slide, etc.
2. Infectious leg diseases, such as suppurative arthritis, chicken spinal corditis, viral tendonibanitis, etc.
3. Nutritional leg disease, such as teleciating, softness, B2 deficiency, etc. Veterinary Medicine Franchise Network 1866.TV

4. Manage leg diseases such as rheumatism and traumatic leg diseases. Preventing the disease of the meat, should take appropriate measures to take appropriate measures for the disease, mainly from nutrition, management and disease. For example, the broiler is easily caused by the lower leg disease in nutrients, and the phosphorus absorption utilization rate is high in the feed of phosphorus-based osteoplasia in the feed of hydrogen phosphate. It should be around 80 ppm.

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