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In the process of raising pigs, it is not good to meet pigs today, how have you been standing for a while? This brings us a lot of troubles. Today, Xiaona collects a reason for the cause of this, give you everyone, hoping to bring you a certain help!

First, the reason for can’t stand
(1) Will not stand

1, the pig does not stand, is caused by the disease that causes encephalitis For example, a Bacillus, pseudoal travele, encephalitis, piglets, vice pigs. If the sow is infected with a brain, a pseudoal traveler, a breastfeeding pig, a sick pig side, a pig, a pig, there is no treatment value, can only an epidemic prevention to avoid this disease.
2, encephalitis type Streptococcus, vice, pair of pairs, edema are bacterial diseases, which will have typical neurological symptoms.

Note: It can be reduced by mannitol to reduce the internal pressure of the brain. The pre-cefadamine is used in the previous ceiling, the treatment is better, and the sulfonine can pass through the blood brain barrier.
3, spine problem, hind limbs paralysis, hind legs are weak, just the front leg dragged, forcibly supporting, a loose is sitting down, is a spine problem, a loose stand is unstable, is a piglet It can be treated with swine fever.
(2) Do not dare to stop

Streptococcus, pair of pigs, pigs, foot-and-mouth diseases can cause pain when pigs stand, causing pigs to stand.
1, Streptococcus, a sub-pig, there is a swelling, fever, and can puncture, in general, the pus is streptococcus, the yellow water is a pair of pigs.

Note: Streptococcus, Dan Shi’s antibiotics, fast medication
2, pig Dandin is caused by the chronic cases of pig Dan toxicity as arthritis. Arthritis can infringe more than one or moreThe joints, mainly occurring in the posterior limb ankle, the posterior limb knee and wrist joints. The pigs are low, full body is stiff, lame, unwilling activities. In order to alleviate pain, you often turn the center of gravity from one leg to the other leg, and the limbs may shrink under the belly. Rendering a bow-back posture, don’t stand or stand at all.

Note: Pig Danzan is more sensitive drugs including penicillin and ceftrians, which can be selected in early injection of cefururur or benevolending, and add compound Amoxillin in the pathogenic pigs or drinking water. Prevention and treatment.
3, foot-and-mouth disease, sowing hooves, can cause porcine single hoof injury.

Note: You can treat hemosycin treatment.
4, the lumbar vertebrae is slightly injured, abdominal pain, forcibly pulled up, you can take two steps.
Note: Penycin and fluorenine glucomamines are required.
5, to drive, do not exercise, pigs may cause paralysis, pigs are on the ground, and the limbs are closed in the body.

Note: It may be a disease of a pig digestion system, and it will be treated according to gastric disease.

(3) I want to stand up to stand

Some pigs who want to stand still in the field, they can stand up when they are forcibly pulled, but the limbs Humging, and such pigs are caused by calcium phosphorus disorders, supplemental calcium supplementation, while supplementing vitamins.

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