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Home poultry adenomyastitis is a kind of poultry growth, thin, neat degree, and overcomes, glandactomy, or even disappear of glandular nipple, gonadomaste bleeding ulcers, falling, muscle stomach, Muscular mucosa macillosteo morphogenesis, muscle goggles are epidemics of the main characteristics. The clinical symptoms of the disease are not the same, the pathological statement is different; there are this disease all over the world; it has brought great harm to the aquaculture industry, and it cannot be ignored.
This disease can occur in four seasons, but the incidence rate is high in the season, there are reports in the country all over the country, and the performance in northern China is more obvious. The airtight age can be expressed, the earliest in the 3-day chicks can be expressed, and there is a report in 16 weeks of chickens. But the pathogenesis is concentrated in 10 to 60 days. Adrenitis can occur in different varieties of eggs and broilers, with egg chicks, meat chickens and young chickens, followed by cocks and hybrid chickens. Pathogenic chickens have a poor anemia, growth and development are blocked, and the size is not in line with the size.

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