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1.1 rational selection and layout of chicken farming

The location of the chicken farm should meet the relevant provisions of the Animal Epidemic Prevention Conditions of the Ministry of Agriculture, choose the terrain, dry back, ventilation, good water source, and stay away from residential area , Slaughterhouse, especially chicken product processing plants, and there are no local animal diseases in the surrounding annual.

Building partition and layout of the scale of the chicken farm should be strictly separated from the production area, sales area, administrative district and employee living area from the perspective of human and animal health care, and according to different as possible The production function divides the production area into several smaller, independent communities or distant cells, and arranges the position of each functional area according to the ground and the main wind, and the various functional areas should be set up and enter and exit. Door post. In the field, the outer road layout is reasonable, strictly divided into the field, the outer road and the net channels and sludges in the field, and the cross-infection is avoided. Veterinary drugs join 1866.tv

Strictly control the human flow in the nursing field and the outside world and the chicken farm, logistics

set up a door post, and build items and people to enter and exit the disinfection system, and if you enter and go to the chicken farm or Items and personnel between different functional areas should take corresponding disinfection measures.
1.3 Controlling the animal close to the production area of ​​birds, articles, rodents, etc.

1.4 The production area should maintain a reasonable cockroach density, and there should be a certain distance between different house

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