Characteristics and comprehensive prevention and control of breastfeeding pig

Piglet yellow sputum is one of the frequent diseases of the pig farm. If the control is not good, it often brings huge economic losses to the pig farm. The occurrence of the disease
There is no significant seasonal season, but the humidity in the house is more short, and the ambient temperature around the piglet is low, the environmental conditions are poor, and the pollution is more polluted. When management is not good, it can increase the disease. The incidence and aggravates the condition.
There are many incidences in the stage of piglets to 3 days, and there is very little in the 7th. When the pig house, the pig, the pig, the pig, the pig, the pig, the pig, the pig, the pig, the pork, is more increased, and the weakness is more likely to occur.
Prevention and treatment measures
1. Do a good job in breeding and feeding management of sows
. The initial bits of the sow should be uneven as as early as 7 to 8 months, and the weight is not less than 110kg. Establish a close proxy. Effective measures are to build a pig file card. Do a good job in breeding records and production records.
Providing a reasonable nutrient for pregnant sows, the key is that the feed is scientifically, nutrients should be comprehensive, and the original fed within 1 month after breeding. The sow is provided with sufficient feed after 80 days of pregnancy.
2. Precautions: Precautions
Wash the soil breast, the genus, and the shade of the water, sowing the sows into the milk in each nipple. The devices used by the devices and the equipment used are strictly disinfected. After the end of delivery and the birth of the production were cleaned 1 time. Correct use of oxytocin, the use time is no longer earlier than 113 days of pregnancy, and a small amount of multiple injections is better than a large dose. Introduction of possible sows infected with infection in time in time.
3. Do a good job in piglets and feeding, let the piglets eat rare milk as soon as possible to help weak piglets. After 12 hours, the piglet was given an antibiotics (the most sensitive drug selected by the drug sensitivity), and after 12 hours, it was used for 3 days. Piglets with obvious values ​​are resolutely eliminated. 3 to 5 days after delivery, 150 to 200 mg of piglets, 1 mg of selenium.
4. Strictly implement the disinfection system
5. Do a good job in the right to ventilate gas, exclude harmful gases.
6. Do a good job in the whole management
Do a good job in environmental hygiene, and timely clean the garbage debris. There are a lot of pig farms that cause the condition to occur at this point. Use a full-time feeding management method.
7. Give the mother piglet health care supplement nutrition pig stupid run + mother Kangtai improve the body resistance, control piglet yellowish. Mother Kangtai, maternal pig postNo need to add anti-inflammatory needles, 1000 g of more than 1000 kg, can be added long period of time
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