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1. Popular characteristics
Rabbit fur rabbit is more susceptible to the rabbit and meat with rabbits; young rabbits, adult rabbits is higher than that of young rabbits; bunny rabbits and bunny under 2 months Do not infect, the smaller the onset of the old age. The infection path is that susceptible rabbits or poisoned rabbits direct contact infections; can also pass contaminated feed, drinking water, venues, utensils, rabbit hair, air and feeding personnel, and respiratory tract infections. The disease can occur in four seasons a year.
2. Major symptoms
The incubation period is 2 ~ 3 days. Based on the length of the disease, it can be divided into the following three types.
The most embarrassment is more common in the early stage. No precursors or suddenly fell to the ground, twitch, scream, death. The nostril flows out of blood foam or blood during death.

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