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Chick feed vinegar is high! Spring and Xia Xia is an advantageous season of hatching chicks, but because of the weakness of the chicks, some changes in the weather are easily caused. Chick feed vinegar can improve its survival.
This is because edible vinegar contains acetic acid, microlactic acid, pyruvate, malic acid, amino acid, sugar, salt, and other components. Vinegar can stimulate the stomach, intestinal motility, promote the increase in gastric acid and intestinal bubble, help to increase appetite and help digestive absorption. From the pathology, general pathogen is not survived and reproduced in a acetic acid. and so. Some vinegar in the chick beverage or in the water can effectively prevent the effects of chicking infectious diseases, play an anti-inflammatory effect, accelerate growth and development, enhance physical fitness, improve the disease, greatly reduce the occurrence of chicks and chicken chicken . Veterinary drug agent

The specific method is to feed the chicks and add 10 water soaked in the chick in the chicks in half a month. Or 20 parts of water to the chick chicken. After the chicks out of the shell, I added a small amount of red sugar in vinegar in the first three days, and the disease resistance is better.

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