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The probability of the chicken bolifting embolism is relatively high, and the meat egg chicken may infect this disease. The broiler happened in more than 20 or more days, and the egg chicken was in more than 30 days, and this mortality was quite high. So after infection, it should be treated as soon as possible. If it is not treated in time, the death of the chicken has the highest death of more than 70%. It has caused huge losses to the farming industry. Let’s give you a detailed explanation of the symptoms of chicken broncholization, and knock alarm to breeding friends.
Clinical symptoms:

1 There are countless chickens suddenly died. It is characterized by difficulty breathing, lifting the head, and sounding a loud breath, the expression is extremely painful, and the corner of the individual is a blood bubble.

2 The chicken and meat of the sick and dead chicken are dark purple, and the eye-catching redness, the slurry or purulent nasal liquid, the physical condition is better, and there are more supine postures after death.

3 The initial chicken group has a slight respiratory symptom, which is characterized by a trachea, sneezing, coughing, and listening clear when quiet at night. As the condition aggravates, there is an oral neck, heasal red, difficulty breathing, snorkegy, feeding volume, feather, neck close eyes, shackles, yellowish brown ray.

1 trachea has mucus, congestion, bleeding;
2 chest airbag, the vesicle is yellow-white foam-like secretion, the individual chicken heart surface has yellow white Cellulose-like secretions; Symptoms such as hepatic disease, airbagitis; 6, kidney congestion, swelling, renal tubules and urethral uterolate deposits form linear kidneys; 7. The diseased chicken in the late disease is found to be swollen, bleeding.

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