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Today, what we said is the ‘chicken bracopolis clogging’ talking about this disease, I believe that many farmers are also clear, but if the chickens have a blood jam, the loss is very heavy, and the mortality rate during treatment is relatively high, the treatment cost is also high. Even if it is treated, it will also find that the death elimination rate of the chicken is too high, it is difficult to bring profits to the farmers. Therefore, we will focus on “blockage of chicken trachea, how to quickly control death”.
For bronchial clogging, it must be treated in early treatment. Usually the pathogenesis of bronchial blockage will be shown in the early stage of the incidence: the feathers are not smooth, dry cough, there is a slight respiratory symptom, and the breeding friends will not pay attention, slowly extend the disease. Meditation medium: nasal nasal, stretch neck, mouth breathing, strange call, descending, feather fluffy, neck closed eyes, sporadic death and other symptoms. Post-on: Poultry suffocation death, most dead chicken belly, the death is rapid, and the feeding volume is seriously declined. Therefore, if the drug is controlled in time if it is in the early stage. Then there is no problem with bronchial blockage. When I was in the medium term, the chickens had a bronchial blockage. At this time, the anatomical chicken will find that the trachea has cheese, hollow cheese. Wait until later, the anatomy is solid. Therefore, rapid control death is mainly concentrated in the first two periods. In the case of a respiratory infection in chickens, we can immediately use the rich peasant to use the risotive, clear lungs, antiviral, pure Chinese medicine, and increase humidity in the chicken house.

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In the late stage of morbidity, the chicken began to die, and the toroiders were found to have cheese. Treatment plan: rich peasant calls clear + Fugong clear, this set of schemes can see the mortality rate in 2-3 days.

In winter, chicken bracomatal jam is a relatively common disease, so the management of chicken house is especially important. Temperature, humidity, ventilation, these three points must be controlled, can play a good role in preventing bronchial blockage. If the bronchover occurs, it is possible to use the rich peasant to clear the Agrobacterium, which can quickly control the death, let the chicken branch.The trachea is no longer a problem.

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