Chicken control is required, do not blindly

In the process of chicken, everyone has come into contact with the control. Some people think that the control is to save the feed, in fact, this is wrong. Today, Li Chen talks to you the benefits and skills of the control.
First, what are the benefits of giving chicken?

Before giving chicken injection vaccine, you need to give chicken for two or three hours, so that the chicken is in a hunger for a long time. The meaning of this is that the chicken in the satiety is the same as the person, most of the blood is involved in digestion, the anti-stress capacity of the blaglet is strong, so that the stress response of the chicken can be reduced.

When the chicken is eaten, the chicken is controlled to reduce the gastrointestinal burden of the chicken, promote the digestive function of the chicken, and can effectively reduce the incidence of adenitis.

When the chicken is sick, the growth rate will increase. At this time, it is controlled to protect the gastrointestinal functions that have just been restored again and damaged.

When appropriate, reasonable control is conducive to the discharge of the chicken body, reaching the role of the intestines. When the control is controlled, the chicken is hungry. The peroxide in the body will reduce the enzyme inhibiting the peroxide. The level of peroxide is lowered, and the immunity of chickens will be enhanced. Therefore, everyone must learn reasonably control in the process of raising chickens, helping the chickens to grow up healthily.

In addition, the control helps the cleaning of the delivery tank, reducing the occurrence of chicken disease, especially gastrointestinal system disease.

What are the skills of the control?

1, random control. Do not fix each control time, different stage controls in different periods, can not be regular, so that the temples will have a significant hunger, which is more likely to play the role of the control.

2, step by step. The start time is short, and then gradually increases, and the chicken has an adaptation process to avoid the most fundamental method of any stress.

3, it is not advisable to overweight. Excessive control will affect the normal growth and production performance of chickens. Therefore, the control must grasp the better, it can’t be too frequent, each time is controlled around 4 hours. After 30 days, the egg chicken is about 3-4 days. If there is no control measures, it is recommended to add the trough until it is completely clean, or occasionally postpone once.The time is added, and the time is suitable for an hour.

When the chicken has an absorbed functional disorder, for example, small piles, intestinal syndrome, adenomyopolymetis, etc. Special these kinds of diseases, while happening, chickens eat less, absorb bad, plus control, very high death. Chicken 15 days ago, there is a severe leg, death, whether enteritis or coccidi, glandular gastric inflammation, add glucose can effectively mitigate death. At the same time, for those who do technology, in this time period, the treatment of chicken diseases, how to control how to control according to the actual situation of the chicken group, do not blindly effectively prevent.

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