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Feeding management feed is worthless, no mildew, feeding should be uniform, preferably disinfection. Drinking water is especially important, to regularly soak, rinse, rinse, regularly monitor the health status of chicken drinking water, and take immediate action. The chicken house should ensure that the ventilation and temperature are normal. When the temperature is high, it is easy to form a sultry environment, and the growth of the chicken is not good. It should be noted that the balance between temperature and humidity in high temperatures and low temperatures. The litter is humid to produce pathogens and induced insects, so the pad is kept dry. The feces cleaned in the chicken house is preferably accumulated, and the factory-cultured enterprises can produce biogas or power generation by chicken manure fermentation.

Biosafety should prohibit leisure people from entering the breeding field. All personnel must enter the cover, and the materials entering the factory must pass “formaldehyde + permanganate” fumigation and disinfection. Entering the hostess personnel should be shifted and can enter after disinfection. In the factory, the ground is sprayed with the ground in the ground, insists on disinfection of chicken, and regularly mobilize mosquitoes. Jinan Runbang Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd.

Disease control infected bacterial epidemics, may be polluted by drinking water, to strengthen disinfection of water sources, and select drug sensitive test Sensitive drugs (take care of the drug period). For viral diseases, the antibody level is regularly monitored by developing an immunization procedure suitable for the region, regular monitoring of antibody levels, and the antibody does not reach the level of protection, emergency immunization inoculation. When there is an epidemic, it is necessary to take corresponding measures based on specific epidemics. For parasitic diseases, it is mainly to pitten chicken insect disease, and is solved by coccidia vaccine immunization. After 3 to 4 cycles circulating in the chicken body, it can produce strong resistance.

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