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The temperature in autumn is reduced, and the air humidity is lowered, the light time is shortened, and the intensity is reduced. This natural change provides a good living environment for many pathogenic microorganisms, and is especially important for this chicken farm.

The chicken disinfection is to keep the health of the chicken, preventing the production performance of chickens, killing various pathogen microorganisms in the house. Feathers, waste, dust, and pathogenic microbes in the holy. Therefore, the actual significance of chicken disinfection is not to make the entire facility and chicken body in a sterile state, but in units of chicken, through regular disinfection, to maintain the purification state of the environment, reduce the degree of pollution, thereby reducing the pathogen Microbial infringement of chicken body. Veterinary drug agent

sweeps the muffler environment. To make a cleaning to reduce the existence of an environmentally organic organic matter in the hut, improve disinfection effects and save disinfection drugs.

Select disinfectant. The disinfectant with chicken disinfection in autumn has chlorine dioxide, hydrozen kill, peroxoic acid, sodium hypochlorite, new Jeer off.
Use of disinfectant. The concentration is now available in accordance with the required disinfectant amount and instructions, and to be used once, do not leave the residual venom in the second day, otherwise the disinfectant disinfection effect will be greatly reduced.
The choice of disinfecting equipment and the correct spray. Generally, a high-pressure power sprayer or a back sprayer is selected, and the sprayer head is maintained in the air, and the nozzle is discharged upward. The fog particles can slow down in the air, except that the pathogenic microbial contact in the air can also be combined with dust in the air, and to sterilize, dust removal, purify the air, reduce the effect of odor, and increase humidity. The diameter of the chicken disinfection spray haze diameter should be controlled at 80 microns ~ 120 microns, and the fog is too large, and the speed of the fog is too fast, and the effect of disinfecting air is not found; the fog granules are easy to be sucked into the alveolar, causing Pulmonary edema, difficulty breathing. Slightly slightly wet with chicken body.
The frequency and spray amount of spray disinfection. The egg monkey is disinfected once a day, and the disease is often or special (the external epidemic occurs), can be disinfected twice daily. Chick 1 day old ~ 7 days old should not carry chicken spray disinfection, 1 week old, can be disinfected with chicken, usually once a day. The amount of spray is calculated in 15,000 chickens per house, and the water required is 200 liters, and the water required for chick spray can be reduced.

DisinfectionTime choice. In the fall, the chicken disinfection time should be determined according to the weather, and generally choose a chicken disinfection when the temperature is high at noon, which can reduce the temperature or increase the humidity in the chicken. Should try to avoid chicken disinfection when there is a sudden temperature drop in autumn weather.

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