Chicken has a symptom of flu

Is your chicken to be a chicken eye? Yellow-green feces? Using a lot of antiviral drugs, the illness has not improved? This is the symptom of flu, and the tracheal hemorrhage will be found after anatomical. It is the cause of climate, temperature difference, and excessive wind turbine. It also takes timely symptomatic treatment

1. The sound of abnormal respiratory tract, different populations Different groups; This is looking for, do not have a misunderstanding in this; this symptoms give a reference only, only know that the gentle influenza has an abnormality.

2. There is a 2 type of manifestation. A. In the initial period, there is no change. B. Raine yellow and white dung, and mix with green pastemus, some add green or black mouse feces. Orange feces appear in the middle stage.

3. Eating under the morning and evening of the disease is different, and the early childhood is small, and the severity of the birth is severe, or not to eat.

4. The appearance of swollen chickens may be 1-2, or there may be a lot, or there may be [early]. This is also the main basis for the difference between the new city.

Clinical anatomy

1. Adrenalistic nipple bleeding, or base bleeding, red, etc., there is green content in the mustfe stomach. The intestinal cities of intestine is swollen, remember to have a case where there is no bleeding; this symptom is only a reference, not a decisive condition. Elliptical bleeding, swelling, and bulge in the accumulation of intestinal lymphocytes; remember this is the most critical part of the new city disease!

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