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The new city disease is also called “chicken fever”. It is an urgency, high mortality, high mortality, fast transmission rate and wide spread. Due to the constant variation of viruses, there is a previous spring and autumn two seasons, it has developed into a year and four seasons. And there is a gradual rise. It should be attached to the great attention of the big fanciers! This disease can also be cured, mainly based on prevention, through reasonable vaccination immunity, can effectively achieve the purpose of preventing prevention. Defense is more important.
First, the diagnosis of new city disease

1, clinical symptoms

(1) Respiratory system: with mucus, swelling, cough, snoring, mouth breathing.
(2) Digestive System: Diaruasia and Volume Green Feung.
(3) Nervous system: tremor, neck distortion.
(4) Outlet: Extraction of egg production, nicknamed egg, egg shell whitening, thinning; early hatching embryo increased.
2, dissection symptoms

(1) Respiratory system: airborne hybrid (bronchitis), alveolar infection (pneumonia), and chronic respiratory disease.
(2) Digestive System: The gland nipple has bleeding point, intestinal infection hemorrhage, and a bleeding of the cities of the intestinal tonsil.
(3) Reproductive system: follicles atrophy, yolk rupture.

Second, the prevention and treatment of new city disease

1 Establish and improve the hygienic epidemic prevention system;

2 practically to prevent vaccination;

3 After the disease Block, isolate the pathogenesis, and thoroughly disinfected;

4 The body of the chicken and feces, hips, etc. should be burned, deeply involved.

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