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Chicken heat failure is characterized by chicken acute death, is a common disease in the heat season chicken. According to research, the ideal growth ambient temperature of chickens is 20 ° C ~ 25 ° C, and the high ambient temperature will affect the production performance of chickens, and even lead to death. In the hot summer, when the temperature reaches 32 ° C, it will cause chicken physiology and spiritual series of adverse reactions. At this time, when the chickens can appear heatstroke. In general, the chicken can occur during the temperature of more than 36 ° C, and the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ° C and a large number of deaths can occur.
Clinical symptoms

The clinical symptoms of chicken in chicken are mainly reflected in breathing, breathing, and difficulty breathing and wheezing. Some chicken has a clear snoring; the wings are opened, the feather is lobbed; the food is seriously decline, some chickens are hunger, and the water is significantly increased. It can be seen in the sachets. Basket; chicken and colorful face due to full redness, there is a bright red, some pale; the temperature is 45 ° C or more; there is an unstable walking or not standing, and the virtual fear is died. The egg yield rate decreases, the egg shape is small, the egg shell is thin, brittle, the surface is rough, the soft shell egg, the shell egg is increased. Death chickens are nutritious, the body is fat or fat. Veterinary drug agents 1866.TV

The chicken tabs died caused by heat strokes often freely. However, most chickens have a disperse bleeding, and the intestines tend to high edema. Pulmonary and ovarian congestion, some eggs have a formation of eggs. Disease chicken and just dead chicken only have high temperature and deep body temperature, there is hot hardware; the inspection can be seen that the muscles are soft, a cooked meat; the blood is purple black, solidified; congestion, blood seepage Out; some heart and chest serum are bonded together, have a large area of ​​hemorrhable film and chest pulp; high height of the lungs; blood stasis; tracheal flooding; liver swelling, yellowish yellow; egg yellow film congestion, blood stasis; Abdominal lumen spotted hemorrhage; bowel relaxation is not elastic, intestinal mucosa falls off.

By analyzing the internal and external factors of the heatstroke in the chicken group, the key to preventing the heat stroke in the chicken is cooling, while improving the level of feeding management of the chicken house, enhances the body of the chicken, and improve its pair High temperature tolerance and adaptability.
Scientific design chicken house. Cover 10 cm to 15 cm on the rice, the rice is covered with riceGrass or wheat straw, maintain moist or black sunshade network, can effectively block the radiation heat into the house. At top of the chicken house with a chicken body, a layer of 2 cm thick white foam ceiling, which acts as a heat air, so that the temperature is about 2 ° C. In order to block the sun, you can take a shed on the window, or a piece of tree planting around the chickenhouse, which plays the effect of obstructing the sun.

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