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The cases encountered in these days, I will share it today.

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Today I will analyze you:

This intestinal mucosa, intestinal mucosa erosion, and blood mixed together to form a bloody disease is What disease? Why does NE have such a big power to cause this?

The main pathogenesis of this disease is a kind of small intestine coccidi, called poisonous Emier Small Callus.

It usually occurs in a humid rainy season, and the feeding environment is relatively bad.

Feed storage and improper mildew and clobacterial infection, will exacerbate the occurrence of this disease. After this disease occurs, due to the intestinal mucosa and blood blocked by the intestines, the intestines are unreasonable, and the chickens are almost discussed. When the body lacks nutrients, it will absorb the intestinal mucosa and blood stains of the intestinal oxide. A large amount of Emier coccidi and a large amount of endotoxin generated by Bremereis, and the concentration of blood toxins in the body is increased, which will have high mortality.

How do we control such a huge intestinal disease?
Improve the environment, it seems to be as simple as it is said!
The effective treatment plan is king. Solution:
One-year-worth 1,000 potassium permanganate plus VC drinking water, converges hemostasis, detoxification. 2 explosive small intestinal aconstiotroccotic sulfonamine (Xinyu) add intestinal poison syndrome. 3 a lot of cases will mix infection of cushius, bammonic sodium sulfamidazine (Yongchang)). 4 After the medication, the kidney prevention and treatment of the kidney, the kidney prevention and treatment was used, and the kidney medicine was found to be binly. 5 缤 缤 缤 缤 创, 激 激 激 和 和 和 和 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激
Some people say Zhu teacher, this disease is a bit complicated. In this way, if we can’t control it in time, in addition to a large number of casualties, necrosis enteritis is formed, causing irreversible damage to the intestines, and it is more troublesome.
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